Avenga’s response to the war on Ukraine: Business Continuity and Humanitarian Aid

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Managed services

We create and run software. Our experienced infrastructure and operations experts ensure that your software is up and running, always. We offer a variety of services from on-premise hosting in our data centers to globally scaled, cloud-based turn-key solutions. That includes all the hands and minds needed to keep your software applications secured, up-to-date and flexible.

Dedicated hosting

We offer individual operating concepts, 24/7 availability and personal support by our experts for high performance, stability and security of operating environments. Thanks to tried and tested docker infrastructures in our own data centers, we provide a high degree of flexibility even for complex projects. You benefit from a trained incident response team in a highly integrated environment designed for operational monitoring.

Cloud hosting

We help clients unlock the potential of the Cloud in order to fuel business growth, gain new insights, open new opportunities, and streamline new models for creating richer customer experiences. We setup and operate distributed application systems in the cloud to enable our clients to launch new apps and services quickly, apply continuous improvement methodologies, improve performance and security, while significantly reducing costs.

Application support

Our seasoned team makes sure your investment in technology delivers measurable results. Our scalable and agile managed services ensure the ongoing effectiveness of your solution and expected an end-user experience. 


We don’t simply deliver a new solution, we actually make sure your system works flawlessly after it’s delivered. Our skilled specialists monitor your infrastructure 24/7, investigate concerns and maintain real-time technical support and adjustments to the new business models and environment changes for your specific’s software requirements.


So we believe that enterprise-level efficiency is about expertly handling every issue that comes along to ensure it complements and extends your existing capabilities. As a trustworthy partner, we never compromise on quality.

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