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Commit to new vectors of growth as well as supporting long-term digital transformation with Avenga AI services. Tapping into our extensive tech expertise, you can create, maintain, and scale up your Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) solutions while augmenting human capacity and increasing business value.


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What we do

Avenga AI services help companies create AI and ML solutions at all stages, from pilot to production. We strategize, consult, and engineer so you can cast your ideas into the future with innovative AI technologies. Stay at the forefront of business competition by leveraging accelerated, AI-powered digital transformation.

Computer vision

Leverage classic ML and deep learning networks to derive actionable insights from visual data. Avenga helps companies conceptualize, validate, prototype, build and integrate computer vision solutions into enterprise applications. The use cases we specialize in range from object detection/recognition, to OCR, to image upscaling/augmentation. We’re also well-versed in the engineering and enhancement of AR systems and RPA tools through the injection of advanced CV capabilities into them. We’ve assisted healthcare, ecommerce, insurance, agricultural and financial organizations in CV adoption; we can help your company, too, realize the full potential of these advanced technologies.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Simplify laborious business workflows and make your applications understand and speak to users in a conversational tone. Avenga helps businesses across sectors adopt sophisticated NLP capabilities. We create tools that comb through overwhelming volumes of structured and unstructured textual information (which enterprises typically fail to monetize), summarize, categorize, and promptly retrieve key data from documents, analyze text sentiment, and help deliver customized virtual assistant experiences to clients and employees. Whether you’re looking to build an intelligent chatbot, a question-answering tool, a text analysis, search, or classification system, or a smart voice assistant, we have the skills and expertise to execute the project efficiently.

Predictive analytics

Identify new business opportunities and eliminate threats by analyzing what’s coming in advance. Predictive analytics gives you the power to turn insights from historical data into a competitive advantage in many operation facets. Avenga is highly experienced in different types of predictive modeling. Our ML specialists build and utilize classification, clustering, time-series, and other types of algorithms that discover trends and patterns within datasets and thus enhance our clients’ decision-making. With our guidance, you will be able to quickly capitalize on analytical models to facilitate better trend prediction and enhance security, workforce, inventory, marketing, and risk assessment management.

Anomaly detection

Spot deviations, fraud, or malfunctions before they cause any real harm. At Avenga, we specialize in the engineering and customization of modern anomaly detection tools. We help companies use ML-based anomaly identification methods to lower the loss ratio, enable real-time automated fraud/error screening, enhance anomaly root cause analysis and reduce software ecosystem threats.Your IT, business, and AI/ML operations can all be drastically enhanced with the properly built anomaly detection system; it will facilitate the acceleration of payment processing (with quick identification of genuine transaction/claims), help enhance customer experience, optimize resource usage and improve operational stability.

AI-powered data engineering

Given the technological advances in storage capabilities and computing power, businesses are increasingly building large-scale data management infrastructures, which require extensive maintenance. In response, data engineers leverage AI capabilities to enhance their data pipelines and overall data infrastructure management. We enable organizations to realize the full power of ML-assisted data creation, maintenance, protection, and enrichment. We help create and adopt tools that ensure your data and data pipelines are always available, reliable, well-structured, and high-performing. Avenga assists organizations in employing AI-powered data engineering to meet strategic business priorities at a faster pace.

Cloud-based AI solutions

Maximize the business value of your AI initiatives with cloud-based services and MLOps. We help organizations adopt and embrace the best MLOps tools and practices to streamline and better orchestrate all stages of their ML lifecycle. Our end-to-end MLOps expertise enables firms to ensure the unwavering productivity of their models as well as their continuous quality assurance. Let Avenga’s experts assist you in enhancing your AI models’ governance, productivity, reliability, auditability, and overall quality (both of the model and your data).

AI model assessment

As a seasoned AI services company, Avenga offers comprehensive AI model assessment services. This covers everything from training dataset evaluation to model implementation and performance analysis to model tuning. We also help evaluate model accuracy, explain its unexpected behaviors, assess compliance violations, identify implementation issues and validate training dataset quality. With our support, you’ll quickly eliminate bottlenecks and enhance your AI’s outcomes.

Choosing Avenga entails


Proven competency

Our certified AI experts are well-versed in the latest technologies, including standard Machine Learning algorithms and deep learning architectures.


Wide-ranging expertise

The members of Avenga’s AI software development team have lots of practical experience and business understanding of industries such as tech insurance, pharma, finance, and real estate, just to name a few.


Tech agnosticism

We are not biased towards any particular technology or framework; our engineers have a profound knowledge of Python, R, PyTorch, Keras, Tensorflow, FastAI, etc.


Cross-technology applications

We are not just an AI consultancy company. Avenga provides full-cycle software development services in other technologies and we build innovative cross-technology solutions.


Data centricity

We help organizations design and build cloud solutions that enable proper data governance. These can become the foundation for a company’s AI platforms.



We don’t just focus on modeling. Avenga’s AI services cover everything from setting up the proper infrastructure for data collection/flow/transformation to selecting/augmenting/optimizing features to establishing experimentation frameworks to engineering, deploying, and maintaining your AI algorithms.

Our Services

Our strategic services are meant for those looking to reinvent their approach toward making technology benefit their business.

Avenga specializes in bringing incredible business ideas to life with the help of custom solution engineering services.

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Focus on your core business while Avenga takes comprehensive care of your system.

Delivered on the client’s terms and conditions, we provide staffing services that make a difference.


Avenga is a global technology partner for pharma and life sciences companies looking to gain or retain a competitive advantage by redefining the meaning of high-quality products and services.

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We harness technology in the insurance industry with a strategic perspective to ensure a long-term value for our clients.

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Insurance back-office operations can be automated


Next-generation customers require an omnichannel in-app experience

Digital solutions serving financial, banking, insurance, wealth management, and fintech institutions must meet the fast-changing industry’s needs by offering their clients velocity, security, adaptability, and innovativeness.

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Amid the automotive industry’s vibrant transformation into a technology-driven set of markets, Avenga offers its clients unconditional support in their digital endeavors.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What a company gets in the end always depends on its requirements: it could be the complete integration of a predictive model into an organization’s business apps; a custom ML algorithm tailored to industry-specific business needs; or a model producing useful, actionable, and general insights in the form of reports, graphs, etc.

If you’ve encountered issues such as overfitting, brittle features, inaccurate predictions, etc., our experts can quickly identify the source of the problem and help eliminate it for you. Additionally , we offer ongoing support to ensure the continuous improvement of Machine Learning models’ performances.

Besides designing, building, and integrating algorithms, we help operationalize predictive models in-sync with DevOps, which allows our clients to get ROI quicker.

If your organization already has experience dealing with Big Data technologies and is using data integration / ETL, data governance, and data lineage management tools, it is likely you already have the foundational pieces you need to sustain AI. If not, the road to implementing AI must begin with devising a system for capturing all the relevant data and assembling it all in an applicable processing environment, and Avenga can help.


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