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Custom software

Avenga’s custom software development craftsmanship and business prowess define our approach to devising custom software applications. Abundant expertise married to exquisite development processes helps the software projects we deliver infuse our clients’ businesses with commercial value and long-lasting market dominance. In contrast to off-the-shelf solutions, our development team focuses on creating a custom application tailored to every business’s unique needs and goals. This bespoke approach in our software development process ensures that each custom software development project delivers a product development experience as unique as the business it serves.

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How we work

We combine the industry’s best service delivery standards with unprecedented solution personalization practices.

Step 1

Write to us or book a meeting

We will respond within two hours and arrange a meeting with you at your earliest convenience.

1 working day
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Meet with our representative

An expert matching your market niche and industry will get in touch to discuss your requests and determine the next steps.

up to 7 working days
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Receive an offer

You will get a service suite offering, including time and cost estimates, for each of your project’s stages.

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Sign the contract

We start delivering the results while keeping you updated on the progress.

What we do

Avenga delivers custom software application development services on a technology-agnostic basis, meaning, we handpick technologies for helping you attain your business goals, and not vice versa. We mix inter-industry and inter-technology aptitude to deliver expertise that tackles business issues at tactical, operational, and strategic levels.

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Custom mobile development

With today’s ardent customers, velocity of service means a lot to businesses. Mobile platforms excel at bringing your product closer to its users in a blink of an eye. The platforms are a convenient, swift, and refined solution for ensuring a complete service experience for your customers. Avenga builds native and cross-platform mobile applications that foster users in establishing a meaningful connection with a brand.

Custom web development

Web applications remain the stronghold of businesses’ inner and outer communication. From establishing sophisticated internal business processes to maximizing customer engagement efficiency, web apps can do it all. Avenga, a trusted web app development partner, specializes in providing an extended range of custom web development services to companies and enterprises across continents and industries.


Guard your operations stability and foster business growth with the cloud. Our custom software developers will help you move to the cloud by designing the most efficient solution for your company. Tap into unprecedented velocity, reliability, and functionality, as we ensure a technical architecture that will facilitate both your short-term and long-term business vision implementation.

Data and AI

Avenga’s abundant experience in delivering custom AI-powered and data-driven solutions has been translated into hundreds of successfully completed projects. We offer custom solutions that turn clumsy and mammoth chunks of data into well-structured and applicable insights in order to fuel your business with the strategic capacity that makes the best decisions for your company’s growth.

Enterprise software development

Business efficiency comes from within. It is impossible to live up to customers’ and partners’ expectations when the company’s inner operations are in havoc. Set up refined, automated, and customizable business operations within your organization with our custom enterprise software solutions. Empower your teams for boosted performance by introducing advanced cooperation, resource planning, supply chain management, customer engagement and retention toolkits.

Big data

Our data engineering experts specialize in leveraging big data’s potential to supercharge your strategy and decision-making. Move your business forward one duly calculated step at a time. See the things your competitors can’t see, avoid issues they cannot predict, and grab hold of business growth opportunities they didn’t know existed.


We are here to help you translate your Salesforce investment into a punctually deployed and timely implemented project that bears fruits for your business. Avenga is a worldwide renowned Salesforce powerhouse that is able to design and implement a wide range of custom Salesforce solutions. We specialize in taking our clients through the most intricate Salesforce projects with our technology consulting services, leading them toward unprecedented business efficiency.

Microsoft 365

Set up a work space where goals meet processes, and processes meet tools. Microsoft 365 offers businesses a gilt-edged opportunity to drive performance, processes’ coherence, and information exchange to their all-time best. Avenga helps its clients design, implement, and customize refined SharePoint intranet and Power Platform solutions that change the way their business performs internally for its clients.

Technology consulting

Avenga is here to untie the most intricate technology knots so as to channel technological advantages into your business’s stability and growth. Practicing a systematic approach to technology consulting, we provide our clients with custom software solutions that tackle business issues at their core, eliminating business development blocks and paving the way for opportunities.


The modern business reality leaves companies with no right to any downtime. With customers’ demands exponentially volatile, businesses are looking for uninterrupted availability to their clients and partners while scaling and expanding. Avenga’s extensive DevOps expertise lets us migrate businesses into the continuous delivery mode, ensuring around-the-clock product accessibility, providing a painless and seamless extension, and affording automation opportunities.


Leaving no line of code behind, our quality control and management experts ensure that your customers get the best solution for their needs. While specializing in both manual and automated quality assurance, we abstain from generic toolkits, always delivering custom-tailored testing frameworks that eradicate flaws before your clients ever meet them.


Avenga excels in devising intuitive, accessible, and user-friendly customer experiences that are found in the reflection of state-of-the-art interfaces. Design is all about the way the product works, and we stick to this principle when ensuring that your platform meets and exceeds your clients’ expectations.

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Engineering Director

Choosing Avenga entails


Certified experts

Certified business and tech development experts who ensure a business-focused approach.


Quick implementation

Velocity doubled by quality is what our Agile approach boils down to.


Technology Agnostic

Providing a tech stack wide and expansive enough to erase any limits of flexibility during each and every project.



We can integrate your product with any required platform so that it moves your business forward.



Regardless of the industry, we build software that does not react to, but prevents cyber security and legal issues.



Avenga builds products with codes, adapting to the client’s requirements, not vice versa.


Certified AWS, Google, and Azure experts are ready to consult, migrate, and engineer. Avenga offers a wide scope of cloud-based services for those seeking velocity, stability, and security.

Explore Cloud

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1 trillion

Cloud computing market value by 2028

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35 %

Total cost of ownership savings

Render your products and services immune to business disruptions. Beat the competition by automating delivery pipelines, testing, and manual processes to scale opportunities and eliminate threats on the go.

Explore Automation

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60 %

Less time for handling support cases

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33 %

More time to improve infrastructure

Improve decision-making, enhance business flexibility, and tap into predictable planning by mastering the power of data. Avenga helps businesses worldwide gather, process, visualize, and apply data in a manner that makes it relevant for the company’s success.

Explore Data and AI

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82 %

AI usage in risk management cases

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95 %

Businesses suffer from unstructured data

Nurture customer loyalty by offering a buyer’s journey that your competitors cannot deliver. As a certified Salesforce partner, Avenga deploys custom-tailored Salesforce solutions for those seeking to sell and communicate with customers in a productive way.

Explore Salesforce

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33 %

CRM users worldwide

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52 %

Increase of leads volume

Avenga designs and implements Microsoft solutions that streamline teams’ productivity, coherence, and synergy. Ensure the maximum level of goal-oriented cooperation along your management vertical with the help of Microsoft 365, SharePoint Intranet, and Power Platform.

Explore Microsoft

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79 %

Healthcare organizations adopted Microsoft

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91 %

Used by Fortune 100 companies

Dive deep into a new realm of digital security with blockchain technology. Experienced blockchain developers at Avenga create decentralized solutions and apps for our clients to ensure enhanced traceability and the security of transactions and data.

Explore Blockchain

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86 %

Expected industry CAGR by 2030

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$ 67 bln

Blockchain market worth by 2026

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Frequently Asked Questions

Every custom software project is called “custom” for a reason. The cost depends upon the scope and essence of the requirements you set for us to meet. As a custom software development company, Avenga offers its customers an extensive range of billing models to choose from, meets their budget limitations, and fulfills the project’s expectations.

Contacting our representatives is the best way of ensuring that you choose a cooperation model that meets your digital transformation journey needs while not disrupting your budgetary plan. Talk to our experts, and they will guide you through the entire range of software development services and modes Avenga offers.

The difference between custom-built software and a custom-built product is that the piece of software, an application, is all about the code, which is the internal workings of your system. Meanwhile, a product is a surface with a set of features, delivered by applications, that you sell to your customers. Furthermore, a product can consist of several applications developed to create a comprehensive services ecosystem for a company’s clients.

The formula for counting the cost of getting innovative custom software solutions is simple. Its variables are the number of experts you need, their skills, and the project’s time frame. Still, it would be helpful if you contacted Avenga’s representatives, as we can come up with your project’s initial estimate in a heartbeat.


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