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Avenga has an overriding dedication to quality. We infuse advanced quality assurance and software testing practices into the software development life cycle to help our clients deliver better solutions, cut development costs, and increase operational performance. Our comprehensive testing strategy includes API testing, regression testing, and accessibility testing, ensuring high-quality software development. By meticulously crafting and executing test cases, our managed testing and quality engineering teams provide robust QA and software testing services, turning exploratory testing and application testing into key pillars of our client’s success. This thorough approach positions Avenga as a software testing company and a partner committed to excellence in testing solutions.

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What we do

Avenga provides comprehensive software testing services. We offer various types of testing and create custom quality assurance management plans to help clients derive the most value possible from each testing initiative.

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Manual testing

Typically applied to smaller builds and systems requiring frequent feature changes, manual testing enables our team to identify vulnerabilities in your software that can’t be detected automatically. It also helps us better understand your application’s flow and serves as a base for the consequent automation testing. This hands-on approach allows us to delve deeper into exploratory testing, ensuring a thorough understanding of both the functionality and user experience aspects of your application. Our skilled testers leverage this insight to develop comprehensive test cases and strategies, laying a solid foundation for effective automation testing, ultimately enhancing the overall quality and reliability of your software.

Automated testing

Using automated testing, we can broaden our testing coverage and promptly determine what works and what doesn’t. Avenga’s automated testing services enable organizations to check every aspect of the app’s performance and quickly identify invalid functionality, architectural flaws, vulnerabilities, scalability issues, and even design mistakes. This approach not only accelerates the testing process but also enhances accuracy, allowing for continuous integration and delivery. By implementing a robust automated testing strategy, including regression testing and API testing, we ensure that each release meets the highest standards of quality, functionality, and user experience, crucial for maintaining the integrity and competitiveness of your software in the market.

Desktop app testing

Our experts take on desktop apps testing, knowing that they usually come with a larger testing surface area than web or mobile apps. Keeping the complexity of their architectures in mind, we design custom QA frameworks that allow for comprehensive testing coverage, including environment, OS, connectivity, and compatibility testing. This holistic approach ensures that each desktop application is rigorously tested for performance, stability, and user experience across various scenarios and platforms. By incorporating both manual and automated testing methodologies, Avenga’s team can identify and address a wide range of potential issues, from UI inconsistencies to functional bugs, thereby ensuring the delivery of high-quality, reliable desktop applications tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Web app testing

As a versatile QA and testing services company, Avenga provides a wide range of specialized tests, including those for web apps. We help organizations quickly find bugs in their web-based software and discover issues with compatibility, security, load-handling capability, performance, etc. Our expertise extends to advanced testing techniques like cross-browser testing and responsive design testing, ensuring that your web applications function seamlessly across different devices and browsers. By incorporating both exploratory and automated testing strategies, we ensure comprehensive coverage, identifying not just technical glitches but also usability and accessibility concerns, thus enhancing the overall user experience and reliability of your web applications.

Mobile app testing

Ensure your mobile app’s flawlessness to deliver high-quality user experience to your customers. Avenga’s QA experts create, run, and analyze a wide range of mobile-specific functional and performance tests. In particular, we offer comprehensive operative, usability, performance, and security testing. Our QA process involves a mix of manual and automated testing, leveraging the latest tools and methodologies to cover different types of software testing, including UX testing, load testing, and user acceptance testing. As a leading software testing company, we provide QA and software testing services that ensure top-notch software quality, from initial concept through to final release. Our team is skilled in identifying and resolving issues in various software applications, making us the preferred software testing partner for many industry leaders. With Avenga, you can be confident that your mobile app meets the highest standards of software quality assurance, providing an exceptional user experience.

Security penetration testing

Protect your business by keeping yours and your customers’ data intact. Harnessing the Black, Grey, or White-Box approaches, Avenga will help you deal with the most adverse data breach scenarios by simulating them in advance. Nowadays, a partner’s reliability means a lot. Show yours to benefit from a solid business image. Additionally, our advanced security testing tools and methodologies help identify potential vulnerabilities before they can be exploited, ensuring the utmost protection of sensitive data. Trust in Avenga’s expertise to safeguard your data and enhance your company’s reputation for security and reliability.

Compliance testing

Software products must work properly while keeping your organization within a legal framework of their target market. Avenga plans and performs compliance testing with all the industry- and market-specific requirements and regulations in mind. We ensure that local, national, and international audits find no flaws in your system. This thorough approach to compliance testing not only minimizes legal risks but also ensures that your software aligns with the highest standards, providing a competitive edge in your market. With Avenga, you can confidently navigate the complex landscape of regulatory compliance, making your software products both robust and legally sound.

Usability testing

Slick and clean interface does not guarantee high user satisfaction rates. First of all, design boils down to the way things work. Let’s make sure your app is as usable as possible, as we will scrutinize its efficiency in accordance with the internationally-recognized ISO standards. Moreover, our user experience (UX) testing goes beyond aesthetics to focus on functionality, ensuring that your application is intuitive, efficient, and meets users’ needs. With Avenga’s meticulous approach to UX, your app will not only look good but will also offer a seamless and satisfying user experience.

Data testing

Make sure you don’t lose a single bite of information when migrating it from one system to another. We will ensure your data’s completeness, correctness, and accuracy, regardless of the manipulations you have to perform with it. Our data migration strategies are designed to minimize downtime and disruption, ensuring a smooth transition that maintains the integrity of your data. Avenga’s experienced team uses state-of-the-art tools and techniques for data validation, ensuring every piece of data is accurately transferred and fully functional in its new environment.

Ivan Nahirnyi

QA Engineering Director

Choosing Avenga entails


20 years of quality management experience

We've provided reliable software quality assurance, quality control, testing, and advanced software solutions for over two decades.


Ability to focus on your core business offering

Having a qualified team of professionals ensuring the high usability and performance of your software, you obtain the freedom to focus on key strategic areas and discover new market opportunities.


High in-house quality management standards

As an experienced QA services company, we have strict procedures, guidelines, and documentation that conform to the best industry practices and standards.



Being a team of Agile experts, we audit, test, and fix your code fast, making your software systems secure and compliant.


Certified AWS, Google, and Azure experts are ready to consult, migrate, and engineer. Avenga offers a wide scope of cloud-based services for those seeking velocity, stability, and security.

Explore Cloud

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1 trillion

Cloud computing market value by 2028

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30 %

Total cost of ownership savings

Render your products and services immune to business disruptions. Beat the competition by automating delivery pipelines, testing, and manual processes to scale opportunities and eliminate threats on the go.

Explore Automation

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60 %

Less time for handling support cases

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More time to improve infrastructure

Improve decision-making, enhance business flexibility, and tap into predictable planning by mastering the power of data. Avenga helps businesses worldwide gather, process, visualize, and apply data in a manner that makes it relevant for the company’s success.

Explore Data and AI

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82 %

AI usage in risk management cases

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95 %

Businesses suffer from unstructured data

Nurture customer loyalty by offering a buyer’s journey that your competitors cannot deliver. As a certified Salesforce partner, Avenga deploys custom-tailored Salesforce solutions for those seeking to sell and communicate with customers in a productive way.

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CRM users worldwide

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Increase of leads volume

Avenga designs and implements Microsoft solutions that streamline teams’ productivity, coherence, and synergy. Ensure the maximum level of goal-oriented cooperation along your management vertical with the help of Microsoft 365, SharePoint Intranet, and Power Platform.

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Healthcare organizations adopted Microsoft

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Used by Fortune 100 companies

Dive deep into a new realm of digital security with blockchain technology. Experienced blockchain developers at Avenga create decentralized solutions and apps for our clients to ensure enhanced traceability and the security of transactions and data.

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Expected industry CAGR by 2030

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Blockchain market worth by 2026

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Frequently Asked Questions

Quality assurance automation is definitely not needed every time, but the answer to this will always depend upon the scope and scale of your particular project. However, if your project is long-lasting, requires frequent update releases, and involves processing large amounts of data, you will most likely need automated QA testing services.

Generally, the ratio of testers to developers is about 1 to 3. But, again, this will depend solely on the project requirements and the scope of the quality assurance services you will need. We have cases where the number of QAs exceeded the development team due to the number of environments and scope of test documentation.

It is the practice of integrating automated testing processes into the software delivery pipeline. It is immensely beneficial as it allows us to quickly assess the risks associated with the launch of each software release candidate.

As an experienced software testing services company, we always strive to find the type of testing that will allow us to uncover the largest number of bugs while running the fewest number of tests. Typically, to achieve the best results, we will use some combination of acceptance testing, unit testing, performance testing, functional testing, usability testing, stress testing, integration testing, etc.


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