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Velocity, efficiency, and data-dependency are the three drivers of today’s business. The Microsoft solutions ecosystem empowers companies to streamline cooperation and data-driven decision-making. We specialize in building and implementing immaculate Microsoft migration strategies that let businesses make the most of Microsoft 365, SharePoint, and Power Platform.


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Avenga is a Gold Microsoft partner

As a Gold Microsoft partner, specializing in application development, application integration, and cloud platform solutions, Avenga delivers Microsoft development and consulting services with the utmost conformity to Microsoft’s excellence standards.

Gold Microsoft Partner

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We combine the industry’s best service delivery standards with unprecedented solution personalization practices.

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What we do

Avenga helps organizations conduct business better by refining their inner processes. We leverage the power of low-code/no-code development to ensure the finest results at the nearest of financial margins.

Microsoft 365

The hasty pace of modern business projects requires tools that provide your teams with comprehensive operational support. Our Microsoft consulting experts can take you to the next level of cooperation efficiency with Microsoft 365. Our experience is rich enough to strategize your journey, consult you on every step of it, and implement all the needed solutions.

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Microsoft SharePoint

Prolific business operations are run by professionals who focus on efficient decision-making and proactive cooperation. Tedious and lonesome cooperation pipelines exhaust your teams’ potential. Make the most of cloud-based centralized information access coupled with seamless Microsoft 365 and on-demand integrations. Drive employee engagement with an intranet system built for seamless cooperation with no heavy investment needed.

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Microsoft Power Platform

When properly processed and applied, data helps businesses move fast, yet wisely. When stacked and unprocessed, it drags companies down with ungrounded decisions and abrupt, unsolicited moves. Improve your operations by fueling them with data-driven insights crafted specifically for your business needs.

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Choosing Avenga entails


Seamless digitalization

Forget about outdated business tools, as our Microsoft experts will lower risks or errors, quicken your processes, and enhance different aspects of your business. Transform your business operations and create new revenue streams with neoteric cooperation capabilities.



Avenga will introduce Microsoft solutions to your business environment in a way that will meet your company’s business growth demands. Scale your business seamlessly, as the Microsoft toolkit will grow along with any integrations you might need.


Business continuity

We run regular maintenance procedures, perform debugging, introduce updates, and add features throughout the lifecycle of the product so as to keep it relevant, competitive, and accessible around the clock.



As organizations store sensitive data in custom-developed applications, we embed security and privacy into every phase of the software engineering process, along with focusing on the solution's functionality and usability.


Our strategic services are meant for those looking to reinvent their approach toward making technology benefit their business.

Avenga specializes in bringing incredible business ideas to life with the help of custom solution engineering services.

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Focus on your core busincess while Avenga takes comprehensive care of your system.

Delivered on the client’s terms and conditions, we provide staffing services that make a difference.


Avenga is a global technology partner for pharma and life sciences companies looking to gain or retain a competitive advantage by redefining the meaning of high-quality products and services.

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Global pharma companies chase digital transformation


Expected life sciences software market growth by 2025

We harness technology in the insurance industry. Avenga uses a strategic framework to ensure long-term value for our clients.

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Insurance back-office operations can be automated


Next-generation customers require omnichannel in-app experience

Digital solutions serving financial, banking, insurance, wealth management, and fintech institutions must meet the fast-changing industry’s needs by offering their clients velocity, security, adaptability, and innovativeness.

Explore Financial services


Enterprises using cloud financial solutions


Predicted banking software market by 2029

Amid the automotive industry’s vibrant transformation into a technology-driven set of markets, Avenga offers its clients unconditional support in their digital endeavors.

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Predicted OEMs’ software-based revenue by 2031


Forecasted CAGR for vehicle embedded software by 2026



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Frequently Asked Questions

Microsoft consulting services by Avenga envisage our experts working closely with your teams to ensure the maximum ROI from your Microsoft investment, as we help you plan, implement, and adapt the Microsoft solutions that work specifically for your business.

Avenga’s Microsoft consulting services empower businesses to choose the right path of investment when it comes to the introduction of the Microsoft toolkit into their business operations. Therefore, the value we bring is that we don’t let you spend money indiscriminately, but devise a Microsoft migration strategy that caters to the business goals of your company.

SharePoint intranet is a solution that works perfectly well for those looking to establish efficient, custom-tailored cooperation pipelines within an entire organization or a particular team. Scalable and integration-friendly, SharePoint intranet can help your organization install and fine-tune the tools needed for maximum cooperation efficiency.

Microsoft Power Platform is a set of digitally-mature tools that help businesses tap into the undiscovered data potential. Based on the low-code/no-code development principles it requires minimum effort to establish efficient data analysis capabilities for your teams, thus enabling them to make the best decisions possible.


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