Data engineering

Data engineering

Use Avenga’s comprehensive data engineering services to build and optimize various data usage and processing capabilities and potentially lay the groundwork for implementing analytics and predictive modeling. We build advanced tools that enable organizations to use data to its full potential. Avenga’s data engineering solution includes the development of a modern data architecture, integrating data warehouse and data lake capabilities to ensure high data quality and governance. Our data engineering consulting services focus on automated data processes and data storage optimization, setting a strong foundation for your data platform and aligning it with your overarching data strategy. This comprehensive approach enables organizations to effectively manage and utilize their data, paving the way for advanced data analytics and data science applications.

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What we do

As an experienced data engineering company we help organizations ensure their data and data pipelines are always available, reliable, organized, and high-performing.

Valentyn Zubenko


Obtain deep use-case-specific historical data and consolidate it all in one place for easier management. Reliable ETL and data streams are crucial for data reporting, analysis, and basically for any data processing. With vast expertise in generalizing ETL systems to various complex flows and real-time systems, Avenga builds complete and robust ETL pipelines and processes. Avenga’s data engineering team specializes in creating efficient data pipelines that can handle large data sets and multiple data sources, ensuring seamless data integration and transformation. Our approach to data engineering involves advanced data pipelines that are scalable and flexible, catering to the unique needs of your enterprise data management.

System integrations

We assist clients in selecting and leveraging the tools, techniques, and systems that fit their system integration requirements. Avenga works with data replication, virtualization, Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), SOA architecture implementation, stream data integration (SDI), and Change Data Capture, when moving information assets across a wide area network. We have ample experience in building secure, high-load, high-availability APIs and helping clients set up reliable architectures and integrations.

Data migration

Move data to a new storage or computing environment securely and cost-effectively. Our experts plan out and execute data migration projects seamlessly, no matter how complex a company’s data infrastructures are. To meet the needs of our clients fully, we always start with assessing the quantity of data, their timeframe requirements, and the types of workloads involved. Then, after a thorough analysis, we determine the most suitable migration option. Avenga provides assistance to firms’ in-house teams and, in other cases, handles the migration process entirely, including the testing and documentation phases. We have lots of experience with the most popular data migration tools and we can move your business-critical applications without any hiccups or downtime.


Increase data accuracy and efficiency end to end. Avenga helps clients adopt DataOps practices and promptly builds advanced DataOps platforms to solve data generation and processing issues. Our DataOps expertise enables companies in various industries to curate and manage their information assets more effectively. We also assist clients in achieving connectivity and optimization throughout the entire data lifecycle. With Avenga’s support, your organization will be able to derive actionable insights from your datasets so as to gain a competitive advantage.


Tap into reliable and efficient data handling with a robust relational database management system (RDBMS). RDBMSs help companies better manage and access information assets and incorporate data-driven insights into decision-making. When used correctly, they enhance the security of stored information and prevent data redundancy. With decades of experience, Avenga’s experts implement RDBMSs in a way that strengthens a company’s data integrity. We can build your business an RDBMS from scratch or embed optimizations into existing databases to enhance their performance.


NoSQL offers lots of flexibility; thus, it might be preferable to RDBMS in some cases. NoSQL is easy to use yet gives organizations speed and scalability. Being distributed, it also raises the availability and reliability of data without incurring high implementation costs. Avenga enables clients to build and leverage various types of NoSQL, including key-value, in-memory, document, graph, and column stores. We help organizations apply different NoSQL structures to enhance mobile and web development, big data management, BI, and analytics.

Valentyn Zubenko

Engineering Director

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We can integrate your product with any required platform so that it moves your business forward.



Regardless of the industry, we build software that does not react to, but prevents cyber security and legal issues.



Avenga builds products with technologies that adapt to the client’s requirements, not vice versa.


Ivan Kohut

Chief Technology Officer

Ivan Kohut

Our strategic services are meant for those looking to reinvent their approach toward making technology benefit their business.

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SVP of Global Engineering

Pavlo Domanskyy

Avenga specializes in bringing incredible business ideas to life with the help of custom solution engineering services.

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Director of Technology Consulting

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Focus on your core busincess while Avenga takes comprehensive care of your system.

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Paulina Stochel

Delivered on the client’s terms and conditions, we provide staffing services that make a difference.


Avenga is a global technology partner for pharma and life sciences companies looking to gain or retain a competitive advantage by redefining the meaning of high-quality products and services.

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Expected life sciences software market growth by 2025

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We harness technology in the insurance industry. Avenga uses a strategic framework to ensure long-term value for our clients.

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Digital solutions serving financial, banking, insurance, wealth management, and fintech institutions must meet the fast-changing industry’s needs by offering their clients velocity, security, adaptability, and innovativeness.

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Predicted banking software market by 2029

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Enterprises using cloud financial solutions

Amid the automotive industry’s vibrant transformation into a technology-driven set of markets, Avenga offers its clients unconditional support in their digital endeavors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Avenga's data engineers' main goal is building pipelines to bring together information from various sources. They're experts at integrating, consolidating, structuring, and, yes, cleaning data for further use in analytics, BI, and AI.

There are a few types of data engineers, though they all have a shared goal of preparing data for further use by data analysts and data scientists. There are generalist data engineers, pipeline-centric engineers, and database experts.

Avenga offers comprehensive data engineering services and our data engineers are the "logistics specialists" in our clients' data landscapes, so they build API, ETLs, and optimized SQLs. And, all of this is needed to access data in multiple source systems and move it seamlessly to target destinations.

Data engineers are responsible for the flow and consolidation of data. On the other hand, data modeling experts are concerned with creating representations of software systems (or parts of them) that illustrate connections between data objects and structures.


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