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With more than five years of experience in blockchain development, our R&D team dedicates itself to expanding our expertise in the field. Avenga’s developers have successfully delivered projects of differing complexity utilizing blockchain technology. As a top blockchain software development company, we specialize in blockchain application development, offering end-to-end solutions that transform and empower businesses. Our development team is skilled in creating cutting-edge software solutions, including mobile app development and blockchain app development, tailored to the unique needs of the blockchain industry.

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Bln $ blockchain market’s predicted worth by 2030

96 %

Financial experts say blockchain has achieved mainstream adoption


Trl $ business value will be generated by blockchain by 2030

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What we do

Avenga is a blockchain development firm that helps companies develop secure smart contracts, build decentralized applications, integrate internal processes with public blockchains, and create their own permissioned/consortium networks. Our team of top blockchain developers and consultants offers comprehensive blockchain application development services, ensuring that each blockchain project delivers substantial business value and innovation.

Ivan Kurza

Cryptocurrencies as payment methods

Avenga engineers are utilizing cryptocurrencies as a payment method for our clients’ online businesses worldwide. These projects range from gaming to financial services and use a variety of technologies that rely on different cryptocurrencies, including BTC, LTC, ETH, ERC, and ZET tokens. As a leading software development company in the blockchain app development sphere, we specialize in developing secure, scalable, and innovative blockchain software solutions that revolutionize how businesses operate.

Smart contracts development

Our custom blockchain development expertise lets us build smart contracts that help companies take advantage of new interaction opportunities and increase trust. They can enable firms to automate buyer/seller confirmation, DIDs, FACTA, KYC, AML, and assignment agreements; basically the processes that nowadays could be challenging because of data privacy trends. As a consulting company specializing in blockchain, Avenga offers consulting services that help businesses integrate these advanced blockchain solutions into their existing systems, enhancing efficiency and security.

Crypto-trading and exchanges

The future of decentralized exchanges (DEX and DeFi) looks very promising. Avenga has practical experience in working with traditional (“custodial”) exchanges via an API for both small enterprises and large hedge funds. We can help you implement crypto-trading integrations, trading algorithms, decentralized finance control systems, and set up trade data collection and analytics platforms. Our blockchain industry expertise positions us as a top blockchain company, offering comprehensive software solutions in crypto and blockchain app development.

Private blockchains

Private blockchain is a promising technology for enterprises because it allows fine-grained control and audit over access and permissions. And, many large institutions worldwide are all-in. At Avenga, we know everything about private blockchains and its pros and cons when it comes to improving global business operations. As an experienced blockchain development team, we provide tailored solutions for application development and consulting services, ensuring that our clients can leverage the best of blockchain technology.

Crypto-Tokens and IDOs

While ICOs have a lot of downsides due to lack of trust and a big percentage of failures and scams, the evolution of DeFi is providing instruments to address these challenges. We’ve analyzed a lot of token models and are ready to assist you with building the right model for your business. Avenga, being a top blockchain development firm, specializes in guiding businesses through the complex landscape of blockchain projects, ensuring that they make informed decisions and implement effective blockchain strategies

Ivan Kurza

R&D Director

Choosing Avenga entails



We help clearly define your transformation by creating realistic goals and ensuring blockchain’s applicability.



Building solutions that are compatible with your existing systems, Avenga will take care of 3rd party integrations.



We offer clients many customization opportunities and great control over their blockchain platforms by adding extra modules.



In order to make sure your distributed network runs smoothly, we can manage the entire ecosystem.



Avenga builds recordkeeping systems that are inedible, which allows transacting parties to transfer assets promptly and track data in real time. We enable companies to share business processes with their partners in a highly secure manner.


Digital transformation

The blockchain-based solutions we engineer are tailored to the specific needs of our clients, which help reinvent their key business processes and digitize their transaction workflows.

Our Services

Pavlo Domanskyy

SVP of Global Engineering

Pavlo Domanskyy

Our strategic services are meant for those looking to reinvent their approach toward making technology benefit their business.

Andrii Stashko-Ziablietsov

Director of Technology Consulting

Avenga specializes in bringing incredible business ideas to life with the help of custom solution engineering services.

Pavlo Umanets

VP Information Technology and Information Security

Focus on your core busincess while Avenga takes comprehensive care of your system.

Paulina Stochel

Business Unit Director

Paulina Stochel

Delivered on the client’s terms and conditions, we provide staffing services that make a difference.


Avenga is a global technology partner for pharma and life sciences companies looking to gain or retain a competitive advantage by redefining the meaning of high-quality products and services.

Explore Pharma & Life Sciences

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$ 2.55 Bln

Expected life sciences software market growth by 2025

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78 %

Global pharma companies chase digital transformation

We harness technology in the insurance industry. Avenga uses a strategic framework to ensure long-term value for our clients.

Explore Insurance

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60 %

Insurance back-office operations can be automated

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50 %

Next-generation customers require omnichannel in-app experience

Digital solutions serving financial, banking, insurance, wealth management, and fintech institutions must meet the fast-changing industry’s needs by offering their clients velocity, security, adaptability, and innovativeness.

Explore Financial services

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$ 40.67 bln

Predicted banking software market by 2029

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62 %

Enterprises using cloud financial solutions

Amid the automotive industry’s vibrant transformation into a technology-driven set of markets, Avenga offers its clients unconditional support in their digital endeavors.

Explore Automotive

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$ 620 Bln

Predicted OEMs’ software-based revenue by 2031

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8.1 %

Forecasted CAGR for vehicle embedded software by 2026



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Frequently Asked Questions

We help our partners explore all the aspects of blockchain and, as part of our consulting, audit their existing processes, in addition to assisting with business case development, feasibility, and a TCO calculation. So after some quick research, you’ll know definitively if blockchain is applicable to your domain or your specific business problem. Our role as a blockchain consulting company is to provide deep insights and expert advice, helping businesses understand the implications and benefits of adopting blockchain technology in their operations.

At Avenga, we have experienced strategists, analysts, and developers, hence we are ready to back enterprises that haven’t had any experience with decentralized technology. Our custom blockchain development services include creating blockchain implementation strategies, building holistic blockchain networks, helping to select blockchain platforms or engineering, and maintaining private decentralized solutions. We offer comprehensive digital strategy and agile consulting services to accelerate the integration of blockchain technology in various business sectors.

Yes, besides building and testing custom blockchain solutions and architectures, our experts also integrate dapps (decentralized applications) into enterprises’ ecosystems as well as merge components of different blockchain applications (which may run on top of different blockchains) so that they interact with each other smoothly. As a leading software development company, we focus on delivering blockchain software solutions that are innovative, secure, and tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. Our team of blockchain developers and consultants works tirelessly to ensure seamless integration and optimal performance of blockchain applications.

When it comes to private/consortium blockchains, the challenge companies often face is having to build auditable and compliant asset exchange mechanisms that can still provide security and privacy-preserving features. Our development team, experienced in blockchain app development and software solutions, addresses these challenges by creating secure and efficient blockchain networks. As a consulting company in the blockchain industry, Avenga offers strategic consulting services to help businesses navigate the complexities of blockchain implementation and leverage its potential for transformative growth.


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