Elevating logistics risk management with advanced technologies

Elevating logistics
risk management
with advanced

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Drawing on over two decades of experience in logistics risk management, our distinguished client AssistCargo, a subsidiary of the JLA group, has firmly established itself as a frontrunner in the industry. Boasting a prestigious clientele comprising renowned automotive giants, insurance companies, large manufacturers, and goods providers, AssistCargo stands as a trusted partner.

At the core of their mission lies the commitment to safeguard and empower enterprises navigating the intricate web of global trade routes. In pursuit of this vision, AssistCargo enlisted the expertise of Avenga to develop an innovative and advanced logistics management solution.

Track on the road


Tackling the inherent risks in logistics and the supply chain, as well as effectively managing the impact of stolen and contaminated goods, is of the utmost importance for any brand, whether established or new. With this crucial objective in mind, AssistCargo has dedicated itself to providing comprehensive services and developing highly customized solutions that seamlessly integrate with companies’ logistic processes, elevating the integrity and efficiency of the entire logistics chain. However, the company didn’t have a unified and flexible platform to govern and manage its logistic and financial operations. Instead, it relied on disparate tools and practices, some of which lacked alignment, scalability, functionality, and integrability. This significantly impeded the firm’s performance. As a result, they enlisted the expertise of seasoned software engineers from Avenga to construct a platform that would consolidate, streamline, optimize, and eliminate redundancies in their vital logistics and financial processes.

AssistCargo Challenge


Infotainment system PoC

We played a crucial role in defining the requirements for an innovative infotainment system. We began with a comprehensive business analysis of the project and then proceeded to engineer a prototype. Additionally, we actively assisted the client in identifying critical components and establishing a clear implementation roadmap.


Avenga carried out an extensive analysis of Assistcargo’s previous tools and tech stack. We discovered the most pressing limitations and bottlenecks and, after thoroughly assessing the client’s requirements, determined how those issues could be alleviated using a unified platform. Then, we created a detailed implementation roadmap.


We built a platform prototype to assess and validate the idea. The MVP’s functionality, while incomplete, clearly demonstrated the potential efficiency that both the company’s employees and their clients could obtain in terms of deterring, detecting, and preventing incidents during transportation.


Avenga built from scratch a platform that enables convenient and efficient management of various security mechanisms during cargo trips. The solution is primarily based on the .NET, C#, and Js languages, making it flexible, scalable, and highly resource efficient.

Third parties

Avenga equipped the platforms with extensive functionality that significantly simplifies AssistCargo's cooperation with various third parties. This includes features such as billing automation and order completion reporting.


Additionally, we added dedicated portals for brokers and insurance companies, allowing AssistCargo's partners to track and manage their operations with ease. These features were seamlessly integrated into an intuitive interface consistent with the overall platform’s design.


Advanced analytics and reporting capabilities were integrated into the platforms as well. The insights provided in clear and comprehensible graphs enhance monitoring capabilities and enable AssistCargo's clients to build a robust competitive advantage.


Furthermore, Avenga established a comprehensive set of integration features and mechanisms, enabling AssistCargo to connect its solutions with various types of applications, platforms, and devices. This expanded its functionality and versatility.

Two platforms

The collaboration between our teams and AssistCargo resulted in the development of two powerful platforms. One solution is tailored towards administration processes, while the other offers advanced logistics monitoring capabilities.

AssistCargo platform


  • The fruitful and enduring collaboration between Avenga and AssistCargo has evolved from a simple vendor relationship into that of a reliable technical partnership that is actively involved in multiple projects.
  • The functionality we developed not only simplifies AssistCargo’s administration and financial task management processes, but also enables its clients to significantly reduce the risks associated with logistics incidents.
  • The platform we meticulously built from scratch is now utilized by AssistCargo’s clients to track nearly a million trips annually.


.NET, C#, JavaScript

Frequently Asked Questions

AssistCargo is a renowned provider of services and solutions that enhance the safety and integrity of the logistics chain. They have been a valued partner of Avenga for over six years.

AssistCargo lacked a unified platform to coordinate and manage all its logistics and processes. Its reliance on disparate and disjointed systems hindered its performance. They engaged Avenga to address and resolve this issue.

Initially, we analyzed the bottlenecks in their existing systems and thoroughly assessed the client's requirements. Subsequently, we developed two versatile and flexible solutions to facilitate better management of AssistCargo's logistics and financial operations, benefiting both the company and its clients.

Over the course of our six-year partnership, Avenga emerged as a true technical partner for AssistCargo. We successfully constructed two innovative and robust solutions that significantly accelerated and optimized various processes, resulting in improved business outcomes.

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