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Unlock the full potential of your business with our cloud computing services, offering scalable private cloud and hybrid cloud solutions tailored by certified experts. Transform your operations with our robust cloud infrastructure, designed for peak performance, security, and flexibility. Let us guide your technological evolution to supercharge your business trajectory in the digital era.

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Avenga is a trusted cloud service provider

Avenga stands at the forefront of cloud innovation, boasting extensive experience and a proven success record in guiding organizations through seamless migrations to Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure platforms. Our expertise encompasses a broad spectrum of cloud engineering solutions, including cloud computing power, robust cloud security measures, strategic planning, and the development of cloud-native apps. We excel in deploying compute-intensive applications and services swiftly and efficiently, ensuring optimal server performance and reliability. Additionally, our tailored strategies enhance the utilization of cloud storage and resources, enabling businesses to scale dynamically and meet evolving market demands.

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Cloud migration

Gain a comprehensive strategic vision for your cloud journey with our expert guidance. Whether you’re looking to transition to public cloud services or enhance your existing cloud deployment, we offer a customized planning approach. Our services include a critical assessment of your current infrastructure, identifying the type of cloud—public, private, or hybrid—that aligns with your goals. We meticulously design a migration strategy that integrates with your operating system and leverages virtual machines for a smooth transition. Our approach ensures you fully benefit from your cloud provider’s offerings, tailoring solutions that encompass the full spectrum of cloud services available.

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Cloud consulting

Avenga’s cloud consulting services streamline your shift to the cloud, whether you’re updating an old system or adopting a new one, ensuring cost-efficiency and productivity. We guide you through selecting the right cloud model—public, private, or hybrid—tailored, with a focus on cloud security and compliance. Our services encompass a full suite of cloud offerings, from cloud storage and serverless computing to Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), across providers like IBM Cloud and Azure. We aim to maximize the benefits of cloud adoption, providing a robust infrastructure that supports a range of cloud-based applications and services, ensuring your business leverages the full computing capacity and capabilities of the cloud.

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Cloud engineering

Design and build custom cloud-agnostic and cloud-native solutions that perfectly align with your business requirements. We specialize in transforming legacy systems into modern, scalable cloud applications, ensuring seamless integration with services like Oracle Cloud and cloud-based platforms such as Salesforce. Our approach not only re-engineers your existing systems for the digital age but also prepares your infrastructure for the adoption of emerging technologies like distributed cloud and cloud file storage. With our expertise, you can confidently navigate the complexities of cloud adoption, from cloud apps to comprehensive cloud offerings, ensuring security, agility, and a competitive edge in a multi-cloud ecosystem.

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Andrii Stashko-Ziablietsov

Director of Technology Consulting

Choosing Avenga entails


Accessibility and mobility

With the appropriate user permissions, the data in the cloud can be accessed from anywhere in the world. The automatic cloud updates ensure the service is protected against security vulnerabilities and other issues.


Data security and privacy

By bringing in a versatile team of experts, you will get a smooth project execution with no disruptions to your existing business processes while acquiring the ultimate freedom to focus on key strategic areas and discover new market opportunities.



We believe that user-centricity is key to providing an excellent customer experience. For this reason, we run routine maintenance procedures, perform debugging, make regular updates, and add features throughout the product's lifecycle to keep it relevant and competitive.


Agility and speed

Because organizations store sensitive data in custom-developed applications, we embed security and privacy into every phase of our product and solution engineering process, along with focusing on its final functionality and usability.


Cost savings

We estimate investment related to the technology’s implementation so that you can maintain proper fiscal management and ensure that the cloud service usage in your project is sufficient and adequate.


Shorter ideation‑to‑implementation cycle

Agile development practices and flexible cloud deployment options accelerate the release of apps and services to the market, enabling our clients to safeguard their competitive advantage.


Ivan Kohut

Chief Technology Officer

Ivan Kohut

Our strategic services are meant for those looking to reinvent their approach toward making technology benefit their business.

Pavlo Domanskyy

SVP of Global Engineering

Pavlo Domanskyy

Avenga specializes in bringing incredible business ideas to life with the help of custom solution engineering services.

Andrii Stashko-Ziablietsov

Director of Technology Consulting

Andrii Stashko-Ziablietsov

Focus on your core busincess while Avenga takes comprehensive care of your system.

Paulina Stochel

Business Unit Director

Paulina Stochel

Delivered on the client’s terms and conditions, we provide staffing services that make a difference.


Avenga is a global technology partner for pharma and life sciences companies looking to gain or retain a competitive advantage by redefining the meaning of high-quality products and services.

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$ 2.55 bln

Expected life sciences software market growth by 2025

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78 %

Global pharma companies chasing digital transformation

We harness technology in the insurance industry with a strategic perspective to ensure a long-term value for our clients.

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60 %

Insurance back-office operations can be automated

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50 %

Next-generation customers require an omnichannel in-app experience

Digital solutions serving financial, banking, insurance, wealth management, and fintech institutions must meet the fast-changing industry’s needs by offering their clients velocity, security, adaptability, and innovativeness.

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$ 40.67 bln

Predicted banking software market by 202

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58 %

Enterprises using cloud financial solutions

Amid the automotive industry’s vibrant transformation into a technology-driven set of markets, Avenga offers its clients unconditional support in their digital endeavors.

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$ 620 bln

Predicted OEMs’ software-based revenue by 2031

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8.1 %

Forecasted CAGR for vehicle embedded software by 2026



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Frequently Asked Questions

To understand whether an application or workload is viable for cloud migration, you should critically assess its metrics in order to make informed decisions. The application’s technical complexity, security parameters, and interdependencies with other applications are essential points of attention. By creating a “health check,” you gain a strategic perspective of the application’s capacities and can search for the most relevant cloud services that offer a corresponding level of integration and availability. After contacting a cloud services vendor, you can acquire an in-depth analysis of these parameters and gain a comprehensive understanding of how to improve your cloud-based investment in the long-term perspective.

Your final choice between cloud service models (SaaS, PaaS, or IaaS) and cloud deployment models (public, private, community, and hybrid) heavily relies upon your organization’s size, maturity, and application portfolio. For instance, some businesses revamp their internal HR services with SaaS (Software as a service) providers, while others opt for SaaS to improve their customer service capacities. Meanwhile, organizations in need of on-demand cloud services for critical workloads often choose IaaS (Infrastructure as a service). Overall, the cost expands from IaaS to SaaS as the control over the cloud operations shifts from the business to the provider.

Cloud adoption is typically related to the implementation of new policies for access and control of your data, so businesses are required to set up rules for data storage. In this case, attribute-based controls, encryption, and data tagging are beneficial instruments for data management in the cloud. Before deploying cloud services, it is also crucial for an organization to build transparent service level agreements (SLA) with a cloud provider so as to sustain sufficient trust and efficiently manage data in the long haul.

Regardless of the chosen cloud services, security is one of the key considerations that should be discussed beforehand. Several international, industry, and government standards (e.g., HIPAA, PCI, GDPR) can serve as a common baseline for your organization. Yet, moving data to the cloud should also imply continuous improvements in an organization’s security capacities. It is vital to monitor the performance of the chosen cloud service and update the company’s security controls to diminish any operational risk.


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