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Avenga cloud services combine top-notch data security, enterprise scalability, and proven cloud architecture to streamline your business processes.

Revamp Cloud Infrastructure

Quick stats on cloud transformation


of enterprises use cloud infrastructure *


of enterprises have moved less than 20% of their company’s key systems to the cloud **

$1.3 T

in IT spending will be directly or indirectly affected by the shift to cloud by 2022 ***

* Source: Flexera 2020 State of the Cloud Report
** Source: Avenga Cloud Adoption Survey 2020
*** Source: Gartner research

Overcome your cloud challenges

  • Would you like to optimize how your business uses the cloud? Do you have security concerns? Privacy concerns? Reliability challenges? Misalignment complexities?

    Overcome cloud adoption issues and ensure that the cloud infrastructure you use is secure, reliable, cost-effective, high-performing, compliant and exactly tailored to your needs.

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Our cloud transition services

Accelerate your journey to the cloud with Avenga’s guidance, tech expertise, and software engineering support. We can help you effectively plan your cloud migration and maximize the return on your investment to ensure the success of your business.

  • #Define

    We provide support in the discovery of your cloud architecture vision.

  • #Enable

    We offer best practices and proven architecture principles to find the best solution for your apps in the cloud.

  • #Deploy

    We help you effectively deploy your cloud architecture and components into production.

Avenga cloud services use cases

  • Archiving

    Archiving, Backup and Restore

    We offer a comprehensive set of cloud backup-enabled services for long term data archiving, storage and digital preservation.

  • Blockchain


    We furnish cloud services to support your distinct needs while maintaining a centralized database of transactions.

  • Business app

    Business Applications

    We can facilitate web and mobile app infrastructure in the cloud to simplify application management and deployment.

  • CDN

    CDN Services

    We can handle a content delivery network that can be customized to fit your specific application requirements.

  • Confidential computing

    Confidential computing

    We will safeguard your data-in-use by isolating computations to a hardware-based trusted execution environment.

  • Containers


    We offer running containers as well as managing the installation and configuration of your computing environment.

  • Database migration

    Data and Database Migration

    We have successfully helped hundreds of organizations to migrate their workloads and databases to the cloud.

  • Data Lake

    Data Lakes and Analytics

    We can set up and manage data lakes for you. We can assist you with data warehousing, big data processing and operational analytics.

  • DevOps


    We extend DevOps services to its clients to more quickly build and deploy their products. We can provision and deploy infrastructure for you.

  • Edge computing

    Edge Computing

    We can develop software for you that can be easily deployed to manage edge devices.

  • Hybrid cloud

    Hybrid Cloud

    We can help you integrate your on-premises and cloud operations and ensure its consistent performance.

  • High performance

    High Performance Computing

    We have the extensive capacity to launch supercomputer networking.

  • Iot


    We offer Internet of Things services to support you as you connect all your devices and manage them on the Edge.

  • Microservices


    We can help you build microservice architecture so you can develop and scale your applications quicklier.

  • ML

    ML and AI

    We can assist you to build, train and deploy machine learning models and seamlessly add AI to your apps.

  • Mobile development

    Mobile Development

    We are able to develop, deploy and host mobile applications in the cloud, as well as integrate data with GraphQL and test apps in the cloud.

  • Secure DevOps

    Secure DevOps

    We operate applications with a shift-left security in mind, so as to prevent bugs early in the software development processes.

  • Serverless (left)

    Serverless Computing

    We have the ability to implement serverless computing so you can eliminate infrastructure management tasks. Build and run your apps without thinking about servers.

How can you improve your cloud strategy?

  • How can you speed up the performance of business-critical infrastructure and applications?

    Having conducted hundreds of cloud migrations for our clients in many different locations, we can migrate you to the cloud with confidence, ensuring the highest uptime and resiliency. We leverage the power of Kubernetes containers to move critical infrastructure and apps to the cloud environment swiftly and meticulously.

  • How can you reduce your cloud expenditures?

    Streamline your multi-cloud architecture with the support of our cloud engineers to get full visibility, compliance and governance across all the cloud solutions you use, while empowered by continuous service-level support. We back you in cutting down your costs on cloud IT administration and save your time by managing all cloud instances ourselves.

  • How can you get started?

    Get in touch with us by filling out the contact form. Avenga cloud architects will analyze your current cloud capabilities and highlight the areas for improvement and optimization. We will aid you in deploying your applications to the cloud with lower costs, quicker time to market and increased revenue growth.

Adopt state-of-the-art cloud app development practices

Avenga helps you easily incorporate cloud app development procedures that empower your organization to quickly build, test and deploy new products and services to the cloud. With continuous delivery and deployment, we help you streamline your development workflows so you can focus on the core of your business.

Streamline your workflows

Why employ Avenga to help you on your cloud path?

Cloud technologies we work with

Avenga cloud engineers create efficient holistic cloud solutions, integrating existing IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, Serverless and Cloud Native components from multiple cloud vendors and on premises (hybrid cloud).

  • Saas lable
    • Marketplace
    • Custom Packaging
    • Premium CDN & DNS
    • Built-In Billing
  • Paas lable
    • App Deployment
    • Auto-Scaling & Clustering
    • CI/CD Automation
    • Container Orchestration
  • Iaas lable
    • Containers
    • Virtual Machines
    • Network
    • Storage

Cloud computing service models

  • Saas
  • Software as a service (SaaS) solution development

    Avenga can develop, run, and maintain for you all-inclusive software solutions in the cloud. We have experience in developing customer relationship management (CRM) SaaS software, enterprise resource planning (ERP) SaaS software, Database management system (DMBS) SaaS software, office collaboration tools (such as calendar, email, etc.), and others.

  • Avenga’s predictive analytics services involves:

    • No need to purchase, install, configure and update any hardware, middleware or software
    • Use the minimum amount of resources to bus, deploy and orchestrate cloud infrastructure
    • Pay-as-you-go as SaaS scales up and down according to your needs
    • No need to install software as the SaaS app will run from the web
    • Make the app accessible on different devices
    • Access the data from any location in the world
  • Paas
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution development

    Avenga can bolster you as you manage, engineer and configure applications, while removing the complexities of building and maintaining infrastructure that accompany application development. We can help your business orchestrate and configure servers, networks, operations systems, storage, databases and middleware.

  • What can your business do with PaaS?

    • Develop a framework for cloud-based applications
    • Reduce the number of coding developers with pre-coded components
    • Augment developing capabilities without hiring new employees
    • Connect business intelligence and mine the data
    • Develop applications for multiple platforms
    • Use cost-effective BI and analytics tools
    • Effectively manage the app lifecycle
  • Iaas
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution development

    Avenga can provision processing, networks, storage and virtual cloud infrastructure for the deployed applications. With IaaS, we can help you manage the cloud infrastructure, while maintaining, on your own, the purchasing, installation, and configuration of your software.

  • What can your business do with IaaS?

    • Test and deploy apps in development environments
    • Host websites that are more cost-effective than traditional web hosting
    • Support web applications, servers, storage and networks
    • Conduct high-performance computing in the cloud
    • Carry out big data analysis and dataset mining
  • Serverless (center)
  • Serverless solution development

    Avenga can guide you in developing end-to-end serverless platforms that minimize the time and resources needed for infrastructure orchestration. We can automatically provision, maintain and scale infrastructure needed for infrastructure.

  • What can your business do with IaaS?

    • Utilize a low-code/no-code approach
    • Focus on the business logic and avoid administrative tasks
    • Dynamically manage the workloads
    • Deploy products faster and reduce operation dependencies
    • Increase your teams’ productivity and deliver more functionality
    • Reduce total cost of ownership
    • Accelerate innovation

Why Avenga?


years of experience


happy clients



  • We support you in outpacing the competition

    Avenga cloud solutions aid our clients to increase their delivery speed and outcomes in the cloud and on the Edge. We have the expertise in cloud deployment and migration and can fill in your technology gaps with the best people with outstanding proficiency.

  • We know the regulations and adhere to them

    Avenga stays abreast of the latest regulations and policies, like GDPR, ISO, NIST, PCI-DSS and HIPAA. We meticulously adhere to the strictest Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that concern cloud data sharing.

  • We have the right people in the right place

    More than 2,500 Avenga professionals across 19 offices are working hard to deliver exceptional impacts for our customers and help their businesses strive. We are proud to have a vast number of cloud software architects that have already built flexible, compliant and progressive cloud solutions.

Our industry mindset

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    NoOps - an automation revolution and a great promise for freeing development and operations to focus on higher-level work. What is the real value of an innovative approach for business? Is it about the long-awaited costs optimization, moving from legacy to using more cloud-ready solutions, diminishing human resources hurdles? We took a look at the past, present and the future of NoOps - an alternative to DevOps to help all the businesses to transform digitally even faster.

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