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We integrate ESG principles into our business strategy and operations. Our actions revolve around ethical practices, environmental sustainability, and empowerment of positive change by leveraging our technology expertise.


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As Avenga’s management team, our commitment to responsibility isn’t just a corporate value; it’s our pledge to our people. It has laid the foundation of trust, earning us the respect of our investors and the public. It’s in the smiles of the communities we help, the loyalty of our clients, and the positive word-of-mouth that surrounds our brand.

Mario Wilhelm photo

Mario Wilhelm

Chief Financial Officer

ESG is a chance to leverage the scale of our company — both in terms of people and financial assets — to benefit others. It’s something that has always been ingrained in us. We operate on a nationwide scale but also engage in local initiatives driven bottom-up by our employees, which helps us stay closer to the current needs of our environment.

Piotr Balys

Piotr Bałys

Co-Managing Director Poland

At Avenga, we believe in the transformative power of ESG principles, weaving sustainability into every aspect of our business. Through technology innovation, social responsibility, and environmental stewardship, we aspire to shape a future where positive change thrives and sustainability is at the core of everything we do.

Marta Romaniak Avenga

Marta Romaniak

VP of Global Branding

Avenga ESG Report 2022

Discover the transformative impact of Avenga's initiatives as we invite you to delve into our report on equal opportunities, social funding, and active governance. From driving positive change through over 40 charitable projects to supporting our Ukrainian-based employees during challenging times, we dedicated ourselves to making a lasting difference in 2022. Gain a deeper understanding of our business practices and be inspired to join us on the journey toward a brighter future.

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