We care for our people. Focus on becoming the best version of yourself with Avenga. We’ll take care of the rest.

We take care of


Education compensation

We believe that constant professional development is essential for your growth. This is why Avenga pays for the training and educational endeavors that will help you become an even better version of yourself.


Health & well-being

A sound mind in a sound body is good-old wisdom that cannot be disputed. You can count on our continuous support in everything you do that keeps you in good physical and mental shape.


Professional growth

We strive for an atmosphere of ultimate growth and development. Be the one learning or the one teaching, but even teaching you are learning. This is the uninterrupted circle of professional development that we foster here at Avenga.



Our parties and events are the ones that are better visited once, than heard about hundreds of times. Sure, we are professionals, but life isn’t all about work, right?


Medical expenses

Our employees’ well-being is our primary focus. In Poland and Ukraine, every member of the Avenga team is entitled to a comprehensive medical insurance program, covering the majority of a person’s healthcare needs.


Social commitment

We not only take care of ourselves, but also of our community. Every year, we organize charity events across all Avenga countries. Be a part of making the world a better place!

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Frequently asked questions

Of course, our recruiters will contact you and book an online meeting with you at your earliest convenience.

Sure enough! We are all in for mobility and freedom. Of course, we provide comfortable and modern offices for our employees around the world, but your convenience is one of our top priorities. Hence, you always have an option to work from an office or from home, but it’s up to you.

It would be the one and only right thing to do, as we are a constantly growing IT powerhouse, meaning we could have a vacancy for you in the near future. Having your CV in our database will help us in contacting you before the vacancy goes online.

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