Financial services

Financial services

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Sustainable solutions for financial industry

The financial industry is getting more and more savvy about innovation and digital transformation. We speak the language of this industry and provide financial institutions, banking, insurance, and wealth management with pragmatic technology solutions.

What do you need to redraw the lines within the industry?

  • Eliminate business risks
  • Enrich customers experiences
  • Deliver value-added services
  • Automate processes
  • Strengthen security
  • Predict and prevent fraud
  • Integrate third-party services
  • Gain insights from Big Data
  • Comply with regulations

We deliver Innovations for

  • Loan and credit service providers
  • Wealth management institutions
  • Investment and commercial banks
  • Exchanges and brokerages
  • Insurance companies 
  • Payment processors
  • Mortgage banks
  • Financial market data suppliers
  • FinTech providers

What we do

We help financial institutions, wealth management, banking, and insurance companies transform their financial services for emerging customers’ needs, speed up time to market, compete by means of technology, find valuable business insights, and enrich security of end-products.

  • Payment gateway

    We pioneer in online and in-app payments focusing on a seamless experience, security, and fraud prevention.

  • Mobile banking

    We work with online and on-premise banks to digitalize customer onboarding experiences and simplify financial operations.

  • Loans management

    We analyze historical data to reduce risks, automate loan issuance, and cut costs across credit markets.

  • Easy integration

    We develop custom APIs to integrate clients’ solutions with widely accepted third-party payment services.

  • Robotic automation

    We automate processes within the client’s organization and provide automated communication tools for their users.

  • Analytics and reporting

    We enable financial service providers to make informed decisions much faster with visualization dashboards and forecasting features.

  • Risks management

    We advance businesses with technologies to manage financial and regulatory compliance risks.

  • Security

    We focus on secure authorization, automated fraud detection, data encryption, and distributed ledgers to safeguard finances from all angles.

  • Omnichannel experience

    We create digital interfaces for banking apps and web platforms and introduce gamification into customer’s interactions to engage them to use your product.

Technology capabilities for financial services

We equip financial service providers with innovative solutions, engineering backup, technology expertise, and real world industry experience. Our consultancy, coupled with software development services, increases the productivity of a clients’ organizations, improve the user experience of their customers, and provide product visibility across the newest digital platforms.

  • Digital infrastructure

    We can build a virtual cloud environment for your financial solution that supports complete functionality, decreasing infrastructure cost and eliminating downtimes.

  • Legacy apps migration

    We migrate critical parts of your on-premise systems to the cloud, structuring the large volume of legacy data and the most critical features in secure warehouses.

  • Real-time analytics and forecasting

    We visualize important financial insights from analytics and reporting systems as well as assist in making data-driven decisions for credit scoring using AI, Machine Learning, and Big Data technologies.

  • R&D innovations

    We partner with financial service providers to develop a proof-of-concept for their innovative idea and efficiently support their production efforts from concept to a market-ready solution.

  • Customer-facing apps and interfaces

    We design user experiences for value-focused digital solutions in payments and banking, creating user flow that engages customers with your product.

  • Distributed ledger technology

    We apply Blockchain technology to improve security and transparency for loan management and payment processing systems.

  • Microservices architecture

    We focus on the flexibility of software to make it responsive to changing demands and implement new features faster without extra effort.

  • Enterprise reporting solutions

    We implement hierarchical report systems to provide wealth management and financial institutions with the ability to track organizational, managerial, and producer-level performance against key business objectives.

Our clients

This is how we fostered the new frontier technologies for customer-centered financial services to industry innovators in banking, wealth management, financial consultancy, and loan services.

  • Omnichannel Solution for Online Banking

    We created a new cross-platform solution that enables Liechtensteinische Landesbank to personalize product recommendations and create tailor-made information offers for its customers.

    The Liechtensteinische Landesbank (LLB)
  • Payment System and BI Reporting Automation

    We optimized an online platform of Judopay, Europe's top payment service provider, for a seamless and safe payment process, developed a comprehensive SDK to streamline custom app development across the client’s partner network, and provided a BI solution for a consistent organizational understanding of payment workflow.

  • Loans and Liens Management Solution

    We created a secure cloud solution for a US leader in commercial real estate business, HUNT Mortgage Group (HMG), that helps property owners make tax payments via both loan programs and liens.

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We have been working with Avenga for three months now and are more than happy with results to date. Their expertise , methodology and ‘outside-in’ perspective have led us to question so much that we previously took for granted. The team is highly qualified and also brings new thinking to our project to bring our partners and clients the best MoventumOffice yet.

Sabine Said

Executive Vice President, Moventum S.C.A.

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For the development of an integrated information and integration portal, the focus on customer benefits and behavior was particularly important to us. We have found a partner who really focuses on usability and can optimally integrate into a network of different partners.

Michaela Alt

Head Group Marketing at LLB AG

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They are attentive to detail, require minimal management and the quality of output is as high as in-house developers. Working alongside them has been a pleasure and I look forward to a continued partnership.

Michael Hancock

Former CTO at Judopay

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The portal is an essential building block in our digitization strategy. It was important for us to integrate the new technology seamlessly into our IT infrastructure. Thanks to Firmen Digital 's online calculator, we can also significantly reduce the complexity of the consulting process for commercial insurance companies. This creates transparency for our customers and supports our sales partners.

Markus Rehle

Member of the Board HDI Versicherungen AG

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