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Professional financial software development services

We empower banks, wealth and asset managers, institutional investors, and fintech companies to dominate the turbulent and competitive financial market with custom, professionally built financial software solutions.

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Radium Capital’s Ron Holmes shares his experience of having Avenga as your software development company.

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What we do as a financial software development company

Avenga assists seasoned conventional finance players in their digital transformation journey and provides innovative fintech startups with the expertise and skills they need to disrupt the financial services industry.

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Digital banking

We engineer new-age banking platforms that enable financial organizations to deliver captivating retail and corporate banking experiences via mobile, desktop, and tablet apps. Our experts are well-versed in creating scalable applications with lightweight designs, and highly componentized and modifiable architectures.

Financial CRM application development

Optimizing operational capacity and boosting client retention, banking technology solutions in CRM have the potential to bring a substantial ROI in the long haul. Avenga’s experts set up CRM systems and tools that allow companies to accelerate revenue generation, reinforce their customer-centricity, and stay responsive to seismic market shifts.

Commercial and retail landing platforms

Modern customers have grown to expect and demand an omnichannel access to banking services. Avenga’s skilled financial industry specialists and software engineers help companies handle the exploding number of customer touchpoints by advising them on their multichannel strategies and by building sophisticated software that supports their initiatives.

Wealth and asset management solutions

Wealth and asset management encompass software, systems, and services aimed at discovering new revenue streams and supercharging businesses with valuable insights. Avenga helps companies design and build fintech solutions that allow them to monetize their assets efficiently and stay resilient amid irrevocable market transformations.

Open banking

Open banking grants customers with greater visibility and control over their financial operations. We ensure that banks provide data to third parties in a secure and resilient manner, by building open banking gateways that align with relevant regulations and functional demands.

Back-office automation

With high-impact, AI-enabled fintech solutions, organizations can unleash new levels of performance. Avenga crafts and implements back-office automation strategies that resolve staffing struggles and eliminate tedious tasks. We support automation efforts across all functions and lines of business so that you can build end-to-end process automation faster.

Risk-management and fraud prevention

Efficient risk management and fraud prevention strategies are built on sufficient, secure, and well-structured data. In response to the industry’s evolving security challenges, Avenga takes its partners to the maximum level of data security and analytic applicability. Our custom software solutions empower organizations to prevent data loss and analyze the risks in advance.

Business intelligence and financial data analysis

We design, engineer, and implement sophisticated analytics tools that make it easy to derive actionable insights from unstructured financial data. See the wider picture of the what, how, and why of generated revenue, while simplifying compliance and financial reporting.

DORA readiness assessment

Is your organization prepared for the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA)? Our DORA readiness assessment services help you quickly identify potential gaps in your software and processes and ensure compliance with the new regulations. We carefully evaluate your current ICT risk management practices and provide a clear roadmap for achieving DORA compliance.

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Taras Bokalo

Head of BAO

ISO 27001 compliance

We follow ISO 27001 standard

Every development project we take on is subject to comprehensive ISO 27001 compliance.

GDPR compliance

GDPR-compliant financial applications

No line of code goes against international and local legal requirements.

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Fraud prevention with PCI DSS

Avenga complies with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

Secure electronic payments with PSD2

We help companies stand out in the electronic payments market.

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Operational freedom with Open Banking

All the 3rd-party integrations come in swiftly, smoothly, and safely with Avenga.

ISO 20022

Software systems stability with ISO 20022

We keep your data safe even when traveling with ISO 20022.

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Secure card payments with ISO 8583

We build financial software applications that are compliant with ISO 8583.

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FIX Protocol-based app development

Our experts help you keep fiscal data safe in real-time.

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FpML-powered financial tools

Our experts ensure the operational flexibility of your ecosystem.

How we work

Our financial software developers combine the industry’s best service delivery standards with unprecedented solution personalization practices. As we strive for the best cooperation outcome for financial firms, Avenga ensures maximum transparency in the financial software app development process.

Step 1

Get in touch

We will respond within two hours and arrange a meeting with you at your earliest convenience.

Step 2

Meet with our representative

An expert matching your market niche will contact you to discuss your requests and determine the next steps.

Step 3

Get an estimate

You will get a service suite offering, including time and cost estimates, for each of your project’s stages.

Step 4

Sign and benefit

We start delivering the results while keeping you updated on the progress.

Our partneships

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We can help you

Our custom financial software development services are tailored to help our clients minimize operational sensitivity and maximize business growth opportunities.

Ease digital transformation

by modernizing legacy systems, streamlining back-end processes, strengthening data management, and integrating cost-effective, easy-to-implement solutions that enable greater functionality.

Accelerate operations

by automating and fine-tuning workflows, error reduction, and operational consistency, eliminating delays, increasing procedural accuracy, and thus boosting lucrativeness.

Improve customer satisfaction

by refining your clientele’s experience and meeting their constantly rising expectations and needs with more personalized, convenient, and seamless financial products and services.

Leverage open banking

by ensuring your ability to collaborate seamlessly with other players, such as FinTech, big techs, and telcos, to offer embedded finance and open banking solutions that provide customers more choice, convenience, and value.

Boost cybersecurity and data privacy

by developing and enacting neoteric data encryption and protection protocols, safeguarding against data breaches, unauthorized access, and any potential data misuse.

Enhance decision-making

by transforming raw data into actionable insights for strategic decision-making and stepwise, informed movement along the business growth journey.

Danish banking sector thriving with Avenga

JN Data’s Ivan Thiim shares how Avenga has proven that an IT provider can be close to the customer both operationally and culturally.

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JN Data and Avenga

Industry technology focus


Our fintech software is AI-powered, meaning we specialize in effective financial tools that detect and prevent fraud. Furthermore, our extensive data science capabilities render our financial products equal to the credit scoring, risk assessment, and AML and KYC tasks. Avenga engineers harness the industry’s best practices to create data-driven tools, such as algorithmic trading solutions and chatbots, that refine financial services companies’ operations.

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Financial processes are meant to stem from informed decision-making and rigidly ensured regulatory compliance. Our experts design and build data management software that streamlines portfolio optimization, compliance, and reporting. Avenga’s fintech development professionals craft financial applications with omnichannel high-quality data access, refined risk management, and advanced analytical capabilities.

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We devised our software development services to help companies spearhead account opening and onboarding, trading and settlement, as well as collections and recovery management. Avenga can help you ensure your organization’s ability to prevent incidents with the help of advanced monitoring and alerting solutions while boosting your post-trading and reconciliation endeavors.

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Nowadays, mobile banking and financial transactions are only possible with advanced security measures. At Avenga, we help financial services companies, banks, funds, and asset management organizations make the most of blockchain technology, thus safeguarding their sensitive financial information with syndicated lending, asset management and tokenization solutions, digital wallets, cryptocurrency exchanges, and smart contracts development and execution.

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Avenga as your financial and banking software development partner


Global presence

Our delivery centers span across the world – from Argentina to Malaysia. Present for our clients in literally every time zone, Avenga's financial software application development services come as a merger of in-depth industry expertise, custom software development prowess, and ultimate availability.


Comprehensive expertise

Avenga's financial services software development expertise covers a comprehensive list of modern financial institutions' digital transformation needs. We are a go-to partner for both a complete overhaul of an existing system and a precision-driven custom development of a brand-new one.


Seamless customization

The philosophy behind our approach to the development of financial software is to render every solution utterly compatible with our clients' business goals. We build custom-tailored tools and platforms that embrace 3rd-party integrations, allowing companies to experience all the benefits of custom financial software development.


Cultural synergy

Steeped in the multi-cultural essence of the Avenga family, we approach IT services delivery with the tenacity of a global digital transformation partner combined with the attention to detail characteristic of a local IT partner. Our in-depth understanding of our clients' local and international markets is one of the main reasons our engineering and consulting services excel.


Ample experience

With dozens of successfully delivered projects in the financial niche, we know our way around custom financial software development. Having excelled in almost every niche of the industry, we build comprehensive financial solutions that tackle both our clients' tactical and strategic business issues.


Supercharged innovation

We perceive innovation as a tangible concept that goes way beyond the ephemeral interpretation of the term. Innovation at Avenga means rendering your solution a stand-alone technology-driven klondike of your competitive advantage.


Our experts say

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Frequently Asked Questions

Avenga engineers software for the entire banking lifecycle. We help conventional financial institutions obtain new and transformative capabilities faster and with reduced risk.

We have lots of experience in building and modernizing digital banking platforms. We also develop specific sophisticated tools for identity authentication, payment processing, risk analysis, financial trend prediction, etc.

At Avenga, our top priorities are our clients' privacy and data security. Therefore, every software development project we start working on is preceded by putting pen to paper on an NDA the very minute we start discussing the project details.

Of course, we do. We perceive custom approach as the best when it comes to software development for financial services. This approach ensures our ability to deliver to the client's ability to attain their personalized business goals.

Yes. Avenga’s experts are often hired to engineer, modernize, and maintain corporate financial systems for organizations operating in industries other than finance. In particular, we’re well-versed in creating platforms that simplify financial planning, compliance management, billing and invoicing, financial reporting and financial data analytics.

One can easily claim that there are five major technologies setting the tempo of modern finance software development. These are Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Big Data, and Robotic Process Automation. Namely, this quintet ensures security, predictability, transparency, and velocity – the four pillars of the industry today.


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