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Financial services
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We build advanced financial software solutions for banks, wealth and asset managers, institutional investors, and fintech companies, helping them to dominate the turbulent and competitive financial market.

58 %

Enterprises using cloud financial solutions


Predicted banking software market by 2029

97 %

Financial services companies undergoing digital transformation

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We combine the industry’s best service delivery standards with unprecedented solution personalization practices.

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What we do

Avenga both assists seasoned conventional finance players in their digital transformation journey and provides innovative fintech startups with the expertise and skills they need to disrupt the market.

Taras Bokalo

Digital banking

We engineer new-age banking platforms that enable financial organizations to deliver captivating retail and corporate banking experiences via mobile, desktop, and tablet apps. Our experts are well-versed in creating scalable applications with lightweight designs, and highly componentized and modifiable architectures.

Financial CRM

Optimizing operational capacity and boosting client retention, banking technology solutions in CRM have the potential to bring a substantial ROI in the long haul. Avenga’s experts set up CRM systems and tools that allow companies to accelerate revenue generation, reinforce their customer-centricity, and stay responsive to seismic market shifts.

Commercial and retail landing platforms

Modern customers have grown to expect and demand an omnichannel access to banking services. Avenga’s skilled financial industry specialists and software engineers help companies handle the exploding number of customer touchpoints by advising them on their multichannel strategies and by building sophisticated software that supports their initiatives.

Wealth and asset management

Wealth and asset management encompass software, systems, and services aimed at discovering new revenue streams and supercharging businesses with valuable insights. Avenga helps companies design and build fintech solutions that allow them to monetize their assets efficiently and stay resilient amid irrevocable market transformations.

Open banking and integration

Open banking grants customers with greater visibility and control over their financial operations. We ensure that banks provide data to third parties in a secure and resilient manner, by building open banking gateways that align with relevant regulations and functional demands.

Back-office automation

With high-impact, AI-enabled fintech solutions, organizations can unleash new levels of performance. Avenga crafts and implements back-office automation strategies that resolve staffing struggles and eliminate tedious tasks. We support automation efforts across all functions and lines of business so that you can build end-to-end process automation faster.

Risk management and fraud prevention

Efficient risk management and fraud prevention strategies are built on sufficient, secure, and well-structured data. In response to the industry’s evolving security challenges, Avenga takes its partners to the maximum level of data security and analytic applicability. Our custom software solutions empower organizations to prevent data loss and analyze the risks in advance.

Financial data analytics and BI

We design, engineer, and implement sophisticated analytics tools that make it easy to derive actionable insights from unstructured financial data. See the wider picture of the what, how, and why of generated revenue, while simplifying compliance and financial reporting.

Taras Bokalo

Head of BAO


Certified AWS, Google, and Azure experts are ready to consult, migrate, and engineer. Avenga offers a wide scope of cloud-based services for those seeking velocity, stability, and security.

Explore Cloud

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1 trillion

Cloud computing market value by 2028

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30-40 %

Total cost of ownership savings

Render your products and services immune to business disruptions. Beat the competition by automating delivery pipelines, testing, and manual processes to scale opportunities and eliminate threats on the go.

Explore Automation

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60 %

Less time for handling support cases

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33 %

More time to improve infrastructure

Improve decision-making, enhance business flexibility, and tap into predictable planning by mastering the power of data. Avenga helps businesses worldwide gather, process, visualize, and apply data in a manner that makes it relevant for the company’s success.

Explore Data and AI

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82 %

AI usage in risk management cases

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95 %

Businesses suffer from unstructured data

Nurture customer loyalty by offering a buyer’s journey that your competitors cannot deliver. As a certified Salesforce partner, Avenga deploys custom-tailored Salesforce solutions for those seeking to sell and communicate with customers in a productive way.

Explore Salesforce

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33 %

CRM users worldwide

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52 %

Increase of leads volume

Avenga designs and implements Microsoft solutions that streamline teams’ productivity, coherence, and synergy. Ensure the maximum level of goal-oriented cooperation along your management vertical with the help of Microsoft 365, SharePoint Intranet, and Power Platform.

Explore Microsoft

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79 %

Healthcare organizations adopted Microsoft

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91 %

Used by Fortune 100 companies

Dive deep into a new realm of digital security with blockchain technology. Experienced blockchain developers at Avenga create decentralized solutions and apps for our clients to ensure enhanced traceability and the security of transactions and data.

Explore Blockchain

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85.9 %

Blockchain market worth by 2026

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67.4 bln

Expected industry CAGR by 2030

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Frequently Asked Questions

Avenga engineers software for the entire banking lifecycle. We help conventional financial institutions obtain new and transformative capabilities faster, and with reduced risk.

We have lots of experience in building and modernizing digital banking platforms. We also develop specific sophisticated tools for identity authentication, payment processing, risk analysis, financial trend prediction, etc.

Yes. Avenga’s experts are often hired to engineer, modernize, and maintain corporate financial systems for organizations operating in industries other than finance. In particular, we’re well-versed in creating platforms that simplify financial planning, compliance management, billing and invoicing, financial reporting and financial data analytics.

One can easily claim that there are five major technologies setting the tempo of modern finance software development. These are Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Big Data, and Robotic Process Automation. Namely, this quintet ensures security, predictability, transparency, and velocity – the four pillars of the industry today.


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