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Pharma and Life Science are unique and especially demanding. With a patient in mind and all-encompassing regulatory requirements, they call for specifically designed solutions and sophisticated systems which will support drug development from early discovery to mass production and on to supply chain management.

  • Which struggle is yours?

    • Soaring patients’ expectations for clinically and economically efficient therapies?
    • Stricter regulations and compliance of approving innovative medicines?
    • Need for new technologies and actionable analytics to ensure regulatory compliance?
    • Integrating product quality and safety with direct-to-consumer distribution channels?
    • Mapping R&D processes to in-life testing, in close cooperation with regulators and providers?
    • Tackling, with legacy systems to streamline product lifecycle, clinical data capture, reporting and analysis?

What we do

We at Avenga deliver custom full-spectrum services to Life Science and Pharma enterprises globally. We help our сlients drive innovation to face tomorrow’s challenges in introducing new drugs, and to cure what is not curable today. Our unique and robust solutions improve operational efficiency, engage customers, speed up drug development cycles, introduce real-time insights on sales and user data, enhance control and security compliance, and deliver exceptional patient outcomes.

  • Data management & analytics

    • Operations analytics and optimization
    • Data mining and integration
    • BI solutions and data warehousing
    • Legacy data migration
  • Clinical trial management & pharmacovigilance

    • Trials management and reporting
    • Regulatory compliance
    • KOL management
    • ECM solutions
  • 360° patient journey

    • Electronic Data Capture
    • Prescriber behavior analytics and reports
    • Case and patient profile management
    • Physician interaction management
  • Pharma sales & marketing operations

    • Sales, prescriber and claims data management
    • CRM and Salesforce automation solutions
    • Closed Loop marketing
    • Strategic analytics and visualization

Technology capabilities for pharma and life sciences

We help enterprises redefine the patient experience and incorporate our expertise in Strategy Consulting and Technology Implementation in a pragmatic value delivery. At Avenga, we combine innovations and technology to tailor and support IT solutions for drug product related operations including clinical trials management, pharma sales enablement, patient engagement portals, industry-specific education, e-prescriptions, integrations with EMR and PMS, legacy systems migration, and a lot more.

  • Software development and mHealth

    Powered by tech skills and delivery excellence, we make it happen on the market for our clients by bringing pragmatic end-to-end software development integration and support services across mobile, web and hybrid platforms.

  • Business intelligence & analytics systems

    Our solutions enable informed decisions. It means fact-based allocation of assets and resources, starting from new product design on up to the benchmarking of sales and marketing initiatives - all contributing to your informed business investments.

  • Medical devices integration

    We build solutions for smooth integration of medical devices and wearables that measure and analyze patients’ health-related information in real time, and connect you with real customer needs.

  • Testing and quality assurance

    We apply all modern testing and QA tools and techniques including functional, regression, configuration, usability, performance and migration testing, alongside database and load testing, security and compatibility testing etc.

Pharma Software Development for Sales and Marketing

Expand your business with bespoke apps and software for pharmaceutical sales and marketing departments. Avenga offers tailor-made solutions for the healthcare and pharma industry to foster the sector-specific customer experience and greatly improve your business productivity.

  • Healthcare CRM

    CRM solutions in healthcare ensure a flawless experience across the whole customer care lifecycle, starting from the very first contact to subscription, along with sales and marketing, registration, health care delivery, and customer retention.

  • Pharma CRM

    CRM software for pharma drives your success in the ever-changing market with effective customer-centric services. Pharma CRM facilitates the drug discovery and clinical trial processes, warrants the highest productivity and helps to keep an eye on investments, while also keeping aligned with policies and regulations.


Capabilities for pharma & life sciences expertise

We deliver custom full-spectrum services to Life Science and Pharma enterprises globally. We help our clients drive innovation to face tomorrow’s challenge to introduce new drugs to cure what is not curable today. Our unique and robust solutions improve operational efficiency, engage customers, speed up drug development cycle, introduce real-time insights on sales and user data, enhance control and security compliance and deliver exceptional patient outcomes.

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Electronic data capture systems (eDC)

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Clinical trial management systems (CTMS)

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Electronic patient reported outcomes (ePRO)

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Patient recruitment

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Security coverage

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Mobile solutions

Our clients

See how we reshaped businesses of the global pharma and life science providers.

  • Custom Solution for Advanced Analytics

    Global biotech company | Pharma and Life Sciences

    Our client is the world's number 1 in biotech and the largest contract research organization.

  • Innovative Drug Ordering System for Life Sciences

    QPharma | Pharma and Life Sciences

    Group millions of patients globally to negotiate the lowest drug prices possible

  • Data Processing and Reporting System for Pharmacovigilance

    A pioneer in the safety and pharmacovigilance arena | Pharma and Life Sciences

    Commercialize drug safety system for clinical research altering the life science industry

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Affordability and depth of expertise have made them a critical development partner. Their team easily scales to accommodate project size and is equally flexible with scheduling across time zones.

Suhail Mughal CTO, QPharma
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