Success stories

Success stories

The ultimate urge to drive our clients’ success comes from understanding that this is our success as well. A combination of versatile expertise, abundant experience, and the right motivation finds reflection in the stories we are more than proud to share.

Avenga - Global Technology
Financial services & banking

Staff augmentation for a financial company

Staff augmentation services propelling a business to grow from 62 to 550 tech-savvy professionals.

Pharma and Life Sciences

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Financial Services and Banking

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Trōv: AI-Powered Fraud Detection

Our client aimed at automatic identification of fraud activities and preventing fraud-related losses and damages before claims are paid, and before fraud activities could do any harm to their system. The client also want…

Trōv: Advanced BI Solution

The client needed a BI and reporting solution for making faster insurance-related decisions while monitoring organization growth and sharing statistics with the appropriate management groups and partners.


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