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Clickatell, the pioneer and world’s leader in enterprise messaging solutions, helps businesses, regardless of size and specialization, to better engage their clients.

SMS is a form of communication that’s proven to be highly efficient for business needs, yet not, at present, as highly used. According to various research, the channel enjoys a 98% open rate and gets the most responses from clients in the shortest time (SMS messages are typically answered within 15 minutes). It is, therefore, crucial to all firms that strive to be relevant, despite the domain they might operate in.

Clickatell decided to help companies tap into the benefits of digitalization; to provide a straightforward yet advanced SMS-enabler platform that adds two-way text message interaction features to whatever communication solution a firm already uses.

After thorough research, Clickatell reached out to Avenga, a renowned software vendor with fitting expertise, to ensure the proper technical implementation of the idea.


Avenga was hired to build a comprehensive, scalable messaging solution that allows businesses worldwide to enhance customer engagement drastically and, simultaneously, keeps communication costs down by leveraging the powers of automated, just-in-time text messaging.

We were also asked to make Platform easily integratable; to enable firms seamlessly utilize Clickatell’s APIs and thus reach their partners, staff, and clients across 1000+ networks and 220+ territories.


Comprehensive commuication system

Created a comprehensive communication system that grants businesses access to the world’s largest SMS gateway, sends messages promptly and securely, and reaches over 6 billion people worldwide.


Built Platform’s straightforward interface allowed the creation of single admin accounts that can be accessed and managed by multiple users according to roles, rights, and permissions they have been assigned to.

One- and two-way messaging

Enabled both one-way and two-way messaging. Firms can use the first option to enhance internal business processes by sending time-sensitive texts, such as urgent alerts and pin numbers. They can use the second to improve lead generation, conduct SMS surveys, and provide better support overall.

Flexible integration

Made the solution flexible in terms of integration: enabled businesses to apply Clickatell Platform’s features to any communication system (app or website) they might have.


Added extensive configuration functionality to the platform, which enables deeply personalized correspondence between businesses and clients.


As a result of partnering with Avenga, Clickatell received a comprehensive and scalable messaging solution. It allowed the client to enhance customer engagement and bring down the overall communication costs. When delivering the solution, Avenga helped the client to tap into the power of automation seamlessly integrated into the new platform.

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