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Clickatell, a global communication technology organization with a remarkable 20-year history, has become a pioneer in the field of SMS API services. Its SMS gateway now boasts a reach of over 6 billion people worldwide, making it a dominant player in the industry. Through its wide range of communication solutions, Clickatell empowers businesses, institutions, and governments to connect easily with clients, employees, and partners through the most popular messaging channels, thus enhancing customer experiences and helping ensure effective communication.

Avenga has been Clickatell’s technical partner for 7 years, working on several groundbreaking projects. We’ve been instrumental in delivering timely resources and assistance to Clickatell, helping them design, deliver, deploy, and maintain many of their world-renowned innovative products and services. One of the most notable projects we’ve cooperated with is Clickatell’s enterprise messaging platform.

Clickatell's technical partner


Businesses and institutions face a significant challenge in communicating with people across various mobile networks in a secure and instant manner. SMS, with its impressive 98% open rate, is one of the most highly effective tools for enhancing customer engagement and loyalty. It is versatile and can be used for various services like 2FA authentication, transactional notifications, and marketing campaigns.

However, establishing connections with different mobile networks individually in multiple countries is impractical and not cost-efficient. Also, creating and managing large contact lists for each SMS campaign compounds the issue further. To address these challenges, Clickatell decided to develop an innovative SMS-enabling platform that allows two-way text message interaction with any communication solution used by businesses. The company has partnered with Avenga to ensure the proper execution of this project.


Architectural design and implementation

Engineered a comprehensive communication platform that offers businesses access to the world's largest SMS gateway. This system sends messages securely and promptly, reaching over 6 billion people worldwide.

Intuitive UI

Designed a straightforward interface that allows businesses to create single admin accounts, which can be accessed and managed by multiple users based on their assigned roles, rights, and permissions.

Advanced functionality

The Clickatell platform enables both one-way and two-way messaging. For urgent alerts and pin-numbers, businesses can use the first option to enhance internal business processes by sending time-sensitive texts. To improve lead generation, conduct SMS surveys, and provide better overall support, businesses can use the second option.


The solution is highly flexible in terms of integration, enabling businesses to apply the Clickatell platform's features to any communication system they may have, whether it's an app or a website.


The platform offers extensive configuration functionality that enables deeply personalized correspondence between businesses and clients.


  • Avenga developed a massive SMS-enabler platform that allows businesses to purchase long and short numbers, establish one-way and two-way SMS communication, and carry out large campaigns on popular messaging channels such as WhatsApp. The platform was developed from scratch and delivered within a tight deadline.
  • Clickatell was among the first organizations to support seamless business integration with WhatsApp, giving its clients access to vast audiences and the possibility to accelerate sales and achieve better customer outcomes on a platform with 2 billion users. To achieve this, a special integration adapter and a platform submodule were built.
  • The collaboration, which started with engineering support, has expanded to multiple projects and now encompasses everything from business analysis to software design, development, implementation, integration, and maintenance. The partnership has grown into a strong, long-term strategic partnership.
  • Avenga has supported Clickatell multiple times when they needed to ramp up their engineering teams, such as during periods of scaling or launching new projects. Avenga’s flexible staffing services contributed significantly to Clickatell’s incredible growth.
Avenga developed a massive SMS-enabler platform


Java, Spring Boot, Kafka, Redis, MySQL, AWS, Kubernetes

Frequently Asked Questions

Clickatell is a distinguished and globally recognized provider of communication technologies and services that cater to businesses. It is also acknowledged for operating the world's largest SMS gateway, which has attracted numerous well-known clients such as IBM, IKEA, Deloitte, Visa, Telegram, and

The partnership between Clickatell and Avenga came to fruition initially to secure quality engineering resources swiftly and launch an innovative communication platform. However, as the company grew and introduced new products, the collaboration expanded into a strong strategic partnership that provided technical consultations, designs, development, implementation, integration, QA, maintenance, and support services.

Clickatell's needs kept changing as the company grew and launched new products. Among the services we provided over the years were technical consultations, designs, development, implementation, integration, QA, maintenance, and support of their innovative software.

We assisted Clickatell in delivering a revolutionary SMS messaging solution and a chat desk platform and worked with them on many other projects. The products we helped Clickatell build are now used by some of the world's most prominent businesses and institutions.

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