Avenga implements Blockchain and Smart Contracts to boost productivity.

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High morale among staff begets productivity; CEOs seeking to lead their business to booming heights must establish organizational processes and set up reward programs that encourage employees to thrive in the workplace.

Avenga has decided to design an organization-wide crypto-based system, and build a corresponding add-on to Atlassian’s Jira, that will enable staff members to showcase clearly all their efforts and achievements and, in return, get tokens they can later redeem for goods and services of their choice.


Create an Ethereum-based employee appreciation system powered by smart contracts and integrate it fully with Atlassian’s Jira.

Reduce the administrative costs associated with the company’s current reward systems management by enabling automatic accounting and distribution of tokens through smart contracts.


The system is meant to reshape our approach to employee engagement. It will help us get rid of the inefficiencies plaguing standard reward systems, bring transparency to the process of remuneration determination, and allow our employees to highlight not just basic KPIs and KRAs but also their “softer” traits (integrity, loyalty, values, culture, etc.,) that, despite being crucial performance characteristics, are often overlooked by management.

As far as usability goes, the tool will be accessible through Jira’s interface. We’ll put together a workflow process that includes, as the first step, a scrupulous achievement review, and then sets in motion automatic accounting and distribution of crypto tokens to employees’ wallets.

Here’s what we’ll do step-by-step:

  • Write three smart contracts that will, conjointly, control and distribute with precision our loyalty tokens;
  • Try out the software on the Ropsten network; Ethereum’s testing environment; to see how the code interacts with the blockchain; calibrate our development efforts iteratively to produce a faultless and fast system. We’ll use Geth client to deploy the code.
  • Write an intuitive Jira plugin that connects the issue management tool with the Ethereum blockchain; embed the gadget in Jira’s dashboard so that it’s convenient for staff members’ to use it;
  • Set up automation through Jira Workflow. Make sure that after a ticket is created, describing employee’s milestones/achievements, no further effort will be required on their part.


An elaborate tool that bridges Jira, our preferred issue management system, and Ethereum – the most versatile blockchain network out there.

Smart contracts that provide the necessary accesses, authorize the process of issuance and distribute automatically tokens to employees’ wallets.

An Ethereum-based reward system that, employing the breakthrough advances of the blockchain network, will help us overcome inherent flaws of the conventional employee loyalty systems, cut administrative costs, and better incentivize our staff.


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