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Accelerating the growth of new digital product for Food ordering platform

Accelerating the growth of new digital product for Food ordering platform


OLO, a SaaS company and a provider of the on-demand ordering and delivery platform for hospitality companies and over 400 multi-location restaurant brands.

An illustration of how technology advancement can help bring digital ordering and delivery experience to the next level. Avenga and OLO partnership grew into a comprehensive collaboration while building an enterprise-grade platform for hospitality companies.

Project info


Olo is one of the industry frontrunners introducing technology advancements into the food delivery and restaurant business. As the brand was looking at ways to further expand, the OLO team needed skilled and professional expert help to enhance their technology platform with additional features, third-party integrations, and timely delivery. OLO engaged Avenga as a technology partner to help them accelerate the development of new product features and third-party integrations.


The client needed their mobile and online food ordering digital platform to provide a great customer experience: from menu migration, restaurant menu configuration, payment systems, and user management, restaurant network administration, to post terminal operations, etc. All the services were to become the very best on offer, so they imposed the most stringent demands on quality, design and innovation.


The team wasted no time in putting these stringent demands directly into practice. We supported the client from a development and QA capacity using .NET, C#, F#, and the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform. The infrastructure utilizes a whole spectrum of opportunities, along with capacity and fault tolerance from Amazon.
Our software engineering team accelerated the development of the new product features and built point-of-sales integrations for the 3d party systems as well as enabled time- and cost-effective workflows and processes.

  • hamburgers scale

They have a good grasp of the underlying technology stack, software engineering principles, and design concepts.

Dave Olander SVP Engineering, Olo


The Olo and Avenga synergy brought about new digital experiences to online restaurant delivery services. Starting with a modest team extension to accelerate the launch of the new digital product, our work grew into a comprehensive collaboration. We helped to build an online enterprise-grade food ordering platform used by many of the country’s largest restaurant chains and millions of users. Through it all, the Avenga team supported OLO with profound expertise, skillfulness and dedication.


Avenga is proud to have helped OLO power up its digital ordering and delivery solutions that connected restaurant brands to the on-demand world.

Technology used


  • AWS

  • .NET

  • C#

  • F#

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