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Sophisticated Patient Engagement Platform






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Klara is one of the leading digital health companies in the U.S. It offers a modern, HIPAA-compliant patient engagement platform that allows healthcare organizations to centralize and manage efficiently their patient communication, provide ‘contactless’ medical care, collaborate and coordinate efforts as a team, and automate tedious front-end tasks.

As a technical partner, Avenga has been assisting Klara through every stage of engineering their revolutionary platform and, has also helped them implement some advanced PM practices to accelerate and streamline both project planning and development processes.

Together with Klara’s in-house team, our experts have created (and keep enhancing to this day) something more than just an engaging virtual extension to practices’ brick-and-mortar offices.

Through dedication and a systematic approach to improvement, we’ve built an end-to-end patient experience tool that’s now handing around 2,5m messages per month and has become a go-to choice for organizations looking to enrich their services, boost the quality of medical care, provide clients with a world-class experience, no matter if they are seen virtually or in-person while increasing efficiency of operation.



Patient engagement software development is very nuanced and our mission was to help Klara’s team engineer a comprehensive and intuitive tool for medical professionals that offers:

  • a streamlined, efficient line of conversation with patients, their teams, and external providers;
  • centralization and simplification of all patient communication;
  • automation of a range of routine patient outreach processes;
  • seamless integrations with EHR system practices already used.
Sophisticated Patient Engagement Platform



Designed from scratch the platform’s sophisticated yet simple-to-navigate interface; ensured the tool enables healthcare professionals to deliver excellent quality of virtual care from day one and there isn’t a steep learning curve for users.


Enabled patients to use the platform without passwords, logins, or downloads thus giving them a quick and utmost convenient experience.

EHR and PM systems

Established integrations with popular EHR and PM systems to ease clinical documentation management for healthcare professionals – all their patient info can be centralized and synchronized.

Medical messaging application

Helped Klara extend their medical messaging application and roll out secure, real-time video consultations feature – which is an essential part of digital health – in just one week (to respond to the dramatic surge in demand for telemedicine during the time of the pandemic.) This gives Klara’s clients a robust tool to enhance their treatment and monitoring of patients in lieu of in-patient visits.

Scaled Agile Framework

Assisted Klara’s team in adopting and gradually implementing the principles of SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework), which has already resulted in improved business agility, helped define the project goals clearer (to the entire project team), and align cross-company and cross-team objectives.

Today, this team is fully integrated into our business, and every day they play a key role in the Klara team. They have subject matter expertise and component ownership over a critical piece of our software: 5+ successful EHR Integrations have been key to this team’s success and Klara’s success. Each one has been a revenue driver for us.

Alexander Bibighaus
VP of Product & Engineering


Advanced, comprehensive web and mobile applications that now, as Telemedicine is on its way to becoming a primary means of care in the time of the pandemic, are being used by solo-practices, leading pharma companies, enterprise-level hospitals, and large medical groups.

Unique functionality that goes far beyond digitizing patients’ visits and covers crucial workflows before and after appointments; Klara’s unique tool helps healthcare organizations modernize the way they connect with and monitor patients and thus enhance the quality of care they deliver.

The simplicity of design, usability, and high-level of security this HIPAA-compliant platform offers has made it one of the leading solutions in digital health. Currently, hundreds of medical teams across the U.S. use it to communicate with tens of thousands of their patients and about 2,5m of messages are being sent through the platform every month.

Sophisticated Patient Engagement Platform

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