Avenga’s response to the war on Ukraine

Avenga's response
to the war
on Ukraine

With disdain and indignation, we are witnessing Russia’s inexcusable attack on the sovereign democracy of Ukraine.

Avenga's response

Avenga is a global corporation with offices and employees all over the world. In Ukraine, more than 1,200 people and their families are part of our community. All our hopes and efforts go out to them at this difficult time. We do what we can to help them.

In order to be able to provide fast, targeted, unbureaucratic humanitarian aid, we have founded the non-profit association Avenga hilft e.V. (“Avenga helps”). Find out how you too can help and what happens with your donation.


Business Continuity

The experience in Ukraine since 2014 has taught us that we need to plan for emergencies at an early stage in the interests of our employees and clients. That is why, months before the looming Russian invasion, we meticulously prepared for what we are forced to see playing out now:

  • We have temporarily relocated staff in need and their families to safe places in and outside of Ukraine.
  • All our critical services and data are cloud-based in EU and US data centers, and our infrastructure is stable and working.
  • Our measures against possible cyber threats against Avenga and our clients are of the highest possible level.
war on Ukraine


Our responsibility

We are fulfilling our responsibility to employees and customers.

Avenga’s Ukrainian teams are working at full speed and we are fully operational despite the war. All projects continue to be managed with the same professional care that our customers have come to expect. As an international company with over 31 locations, we also have sufficient skilled personnel worldwide in case parts of our Ukrainian teams are temporarily unable to work as usual.

Our message to our employees in Ukraine and to our business partners around the world:

We will not back down. We will stand by your side. We will maintain our operations, and we will get through this difficult time together. Whatever will come.

Yuriy Adamchuk, Chief Executive Officer

Yuriy Adamchuk


Humanitarian aid

Avenga hilft e.V. (“Avenga helps”) collects donations, 100% of which go to humanitarian aid projects in Ukraine and for refugees fleeing the war. The non-profit association was founded by Avenga’s management and staff shortly after the Russian invasion began.

Together with our great network of partner companies, we deliver relief supplies quickly and easily to where they are needed. We also fund local purchases wherever possible.

Find out more, and support our work with a donation:

Recipient: Avenga hilft e.V.
Subject: Ukrainehilfe
IBAN: DE21 3705 0198 1936 3492 48
Bank: Sparkasse KoelnBonn

stand with Ukraine

Stay up-to-date with Avenga’s response

We regularly comment on social media and the press about our response to the war in Ukraine. We are transparent about what we are doing, why we are doing it, and for whom. And we have messages for our employees, our partners and clients.

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Avenga hilft e.V. on LinkedIN, Twitter

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