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A global manufacturing company was being carved out from their parent company. Therefore, the new company had to set up a new IT infrastructure from the ground up. It had to be in place before transitional service agreements ended with the former parent company.

Avenga was tasked with the architecture and configuration of an infrastructure for identity and access management and with the migration of around 1.500 users from 36 different countries from HCL Notes to Microsoft 365.

For the architecture of this new collaboration infrastructure, the client expected guidance from Avenga on industry best practices. They wanted to avoid the complexity and high management overheads of the old environment.


Identity and access management architecture

Architecture workshops with client stakeholders and alignment of a documented, future-proof architecture vision for immediate implementation.

Configuration in Active Directory and Entra ID

Implementation of the identity and access architecture in Microsoft Active Directory and Entra ID as a hybrid system of on-premise and Cloud.

Design and configuration of Microsoft 365

Configuration of a completely new Microsoft 365 tenant following design decisions from a series of client workshops. Continual adjustments during the pilot phase and later following feedback from migrated employees.


Five waves for a total of 1,500 employees across 36 countries, from HCL Notes to Microsoft 365. Additionally, around 200 users who had already used Microsoft 365 at the former parent company were migrated tenant-to-tenant.


Elevated technical support for employees during the migration to Microsoft 365. The time of availability of support engineers was adjusted for each wave to fit the different time zones of employees at the global company.

Adoption and change management

Detailed documentation of the migration process and frequently used tools such as Microsoft Teams, Outlook, SharePoint, and OneDrive for Business. Guidance for employees in five languages in a central SharePoint communications site. Q&A sessions for employees before and after migration waves.


  • Future-proof identity and access management architecture befitting a global manufacturing company with 1.500 employees in 36 countries
  • Modern collaboration infrastructure with Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, and Microsoft Teams
  • All employees migrated to Microsoft 365 within the timeframe originally planned at the project start
  • Organizational target content structure ready in SharePoint based on requirements of business departments
  • Business disruptions were minimized during the migration, with a lower amount of Hypercare support cases than initially expected
  • Positive user feedback for the migration process, quality of Hypercare support, documentation, and change communications
  • Successful transition from the migration project to standard technical operations and support services at the new company

Tech Stack

Microsoft 365, Active Directory, Entra ID, Azure Bastion, Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive for Business

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