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No matter what your plans are, we have the right team at the right moment for you. We can support you with top-notch talents, be it staff augmentation, team leasing or permanent employment contract requirements.
Avenga inspires confidence in our clients by providing expert staffing services and supporting advanced delivery capabilities. Our commitment to your specific requirements either to ramp up a new team, optimize expenses or hire the brightest talent, will help you to achieve your desired pragmatic results within the modern business environment.

Scale your IT personnel in the wink of the eye with Avenga’s staffing services. Explore staffing services with Avenga.

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Staff augmentation

Staff augmentation services by Avenga is a flexible staffing strategy that enables you to extend your team with the right tech talent either for short term or long term, and manage your augmented team directly. 


Avenga can offer you a diverse IT competency skill set for a predetermined amount of time, that which is needed to carry out your project. With Avenga staff augmentation services, you can easily increase your workforce as per your business requirements and fulfill your out-of-house needs.


Our experienced professionals are quick to understand and add extra value to your company on a per-project basis. Our tried and tested practices within staff augmentation enable effective team scalability and transparent collaboration to increase the flexibility and capacity of your business, save time, and lower operational costs which are vital aspects of long term success.

Team leasing

Team leasing services from Avenga is a really great way to work with the best specialists and IT teams in the industry in order to translate your business needs into real project successes.  Cooperation with Avenga can allow you to reduce costs on recruiting and infrastructure while gaining access to a wide pool of talented technology teams. Grow your in-house IT team and hire qualified professionals.


With our team leasing services, we offer our clients more than just developers, consultants, PMs, testers, etc., but rather the immediate access to experienced experts who understand how business works and are dedicated to the project’s implementation. Our clients trust us with their staffing needs as they can be sure they’ll receive the right talents, proven methodologies, and transparent communication for their timely delivery.


Upscale or downscale your team whenever needed. Fill in your technological and expertise gaps. Build a dedicated software development team specifically tailored to meet your requirements.  Benefit from the highest levels of productivity and focus, all for long term outcomes with Avenga.

Permanent employment

With the permanent employment staffing services by Avenga, you can accomplish three primary goals: receive the guaranteed quality of new hires, mitigate the risks of recruiting new personnel, and decrease the cost of labor delivery.  We share the purpose and passion of our clients for making a real difference in the quality of delivered projects by perfect employment matches for them. Permanent employment staffing solutions with Avenga offers you thoroughly screened and qualified candidates.


We use a consultative approach in order to gain a complete understanding of your specific requirements, so we can create a direct and targeted recruiting plan with an emphasis on finding professionals with the proper skills and talents. Candidates are screened using a competency-based interview and the referencing process is focused on evaluating and validating previous performance. Regular follow-up and meticulous feedback ensure that all sides of the process are satisfied.


Our drive to achieve the best results by contributing professionalism and a balanced team structure creates reliable relationships with our partners and clients from all over the globe.

Benefits of staffing with Avenga IT professionals:

We are ready to deliver fast and reliable staffing services and solutions which fit perfectly into an environment that embraces challenges. We take on the responsibility to solve your staffing issues with staff augmentation, team leasing and permanent employment and help you obtain confidence that your technology-enabled projects will succeed.

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Access the missing competencies and skills

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Gain greater agility and flexibility

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Optimize employment risks and restrictions

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Avoid extra employment/unemployment expenses

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Minimize contracting efforts

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Scale and prune your team on demand

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Sustain operational control

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Deliver results instantly

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We are very happy with the collaboration with Avenga; there are some awesome people that are working on our account. They are very attentive, honest, and transparent. It is also a pleasure to see that a lot of females are sitting in higher management positions in Avenga. I think it sends a positive message to the whole of IT.

Claus Trillingsgaard Vice President, Global Delivery, EG

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