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Healthcare CRM software development

A custom-built healthcare CRM system can equip your medical professionals with powerful information processing and also reinforce long-lasting relationships between patients and care providers, resulting in lowering the expenditures, resilient services and outstanding healthcare customer relationship management.

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Healthcare CRM solutions

  • Having over 20 years of experience in consultancy and delivery of healthcare CRM software, Avenga’s team can develop and support Salesforce CRM solutions that empower our customers to streamline their services, produce greater value and implement better care strategies from real-time data.

    Salesforce CRM for medical data helps facilitate an organized approach to a refined customer and patient experience throughout the entire healthcare system.

  • Get more done with a CRM

    With the holistic approach and a comprehensive analysis of your requirements, we help you build and maintain a robust healthcare customer relationship management system, designed to precisely meet your expectations.

    CRM will help your healthcare organization to improve long-lasting relationships between patients and care providers, resulting in lowering the expenditures, resilient services and outstanding healthcare customer relationship management.

Salesforce CRM to improve your every day

  • As our clients become active users of Salesforce CRM, they recognize a scope that presents opportunities to amplify their offerings through a framework of improvements in other platforms they are using. Avenga’s dedicated and skillful team can offer you Salesforce consultancy services to help you accelerate your customer experience and get profound value from your Salesforce investments.

  • Avenga can help you with:

    • CRM software development
    • CRM solutions implementation
    • CRM application development
    • CRM integration and migration
    • Expert consulting and support

Why Salesforce CRM for Healthcare

  • Avenga can tailor Salesforce CRM with an explicit focus on your specific business requirements while making the most of CRM’s out-of-the-box functionalities, which offers:

    • 24/7 service via the shared cloud
    • Authentication
    • User management
    • Security and Permissions
    • List management
    • Performance management
    • Team collaboration
    • Mobile ready (Lightning)
    • Dashboards
    • Reporting

A good Salesforce setup makes all the difference.

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CRM in Healthcare Industry

Healthcare CRM software is now cost-effective for large healthcare organizations as well as small medical facilities. The pivotal role of CRM for healthcare is its ability to streamline the patient experience via data automation and integration.

Medical custom relationship management platforms seamlessly transform key information into fruitful outcomes.

CRM software development for healthcare

  • Healthcare CRM can be customized to integrate with electronic medical records (EMR), electronic health records (EHR) and other databases to safeguard and retain all customer/employee-related data. Businesses can centralize patient databases, medical programs, contact and billing systems, document management and back-office accounting, as well as third party-related data; e.g., insurance providers.

  • Sophisticated CRM solutions can help healthcare organizations to:

    • Provide personalized care.
    • Build excellent relationships with existing patients and drive client interaction into a health cooperation opportunity.
    • Synchronize care management with providers and third parties.
    • Speed up overall performance efficiency.
    • Integrate medical services.
    • Optimize time and reduce costs.

Rather than expecting us to tell them what to do, their team is part of the thought process. The team is extremely thorough, delivers the highest quality results, and adheres to deadlines. They are a committed partner that provides proactive insights. The collaboration is efficient and undemanding.

Michael Brandt Group VP & Process Excellence Manager, ABB

Your Salesforce partner

  • Avenga has more than 20 years of experience in Salesforce CRM solutions development for healthcare organizations.

    We deliver top-notch solutions for healthcare organizations all over the world, including Roche, M3Health, Instem Clinical.

  • Medical centers and institutions will benefit from a CRM adoption, as the software allows healthcare professionals to dynamically manage and monitor customer services using simple interfaces.

    CRM solutions for healthcare promote profound customer experiences across the entire care lifecycle, starting with the first contact on up to renewal, including marketing, sales, subscriptions, healthcare delivery and client retention.

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