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M3 Health

Telehealth suite for improved patient experience

A set of mature telehealth applications and their comprehensive integration into the health cost containment and care management platform for instant access to users’ healthcare needs.


M3 Health

US-based technology provider for the healthcare and life science industries for over 20 years. They employ next-gen tech in the realms of accessible care, cost-effective delivery, and customer experience.

They were a great partner. In the three years I partnered with them − on no less than four projects for three separate companies − I was always impressed with their employees’ professionalism and focus on excellence. I did not view them as vendors, but as teammates.

David Koplovitz former CTO, M3 Health

Business challenge

The client needed a number of telehealth apps with broad functionality which would be integrated into a single innovative service delivery system.


  • The former CTO, David Koplovitz, explained the challenge in detail, “we were supporting self-insured enterprises, such as labor unions, and trying to steer users to lower-cost providers or telemedicine options in their area. Our biggest challenges were time constraints and lack of local talent, combined with an ever-changing set of business requirements from our internal team…”
  • In order to make their solution work, they needed quality with a regulations-compliant suite of mobile applications to be delivered within a tight schedule and coordinated manner.
  • While deploying a cost-effective solution, the client also required a to redesign their existing system into consistent and reliable one that would integrate all the apps and that could be easily modified for each new customer. Their existing system was running insufficiently and could not offer flexibility or streamlined business processes that the customers needed.

What we actually did

Consultancy: Solution audit

We evaluated, analyzed, and made recommendations for all aspects of the existing solution: project structure, mobile development framework and quality assurance from a financial and operational view, alongside a business-specific perspective.


Full-cycle development: Telehealth app suite

Our certified mobile development team designed and implemented a set of mobile apps with vital features fitting the original business ecosystem, to ensure that it would be a complete solution that solves routine issues along the way, like functionality, errors, and compatibility.


Data science

Through the use of data science, the team boosted the solution’s data accuracy and powered the telehealth application with value-added functionality, like cost prediction, provider ranking and geolocated provider’s data.

Solution overview

  • An all-inclusive Android and iOS mobile app solution which matches the unique users’ medical needs with the required healthcare service.
  • This flexible HIPAA-compliant telehealth solution, with consistent and reliable functionality, is united into one easy to use health and lifestyle management platform.
  • Core features include a personal healthcare concierge service that assists in scheduling and insurance policy options; symptom checker; medication reminder; supplies feature and digital healthcare card; and also a geolocated ‘Find a Provider’ service, along with the provider’s ranking based on specific search criteria.

Our services for M3Health

Results delivered

  • A  secure, scalable, and affordable suite of telemedicine apps in line with the modern market trends allowing the client to generate revenue.
  • Fully-fledged healthcare cost containment and a care coordination platform due to its thorough redesign, restructuring, and smooth integration of feature-rich healthcare apps.
  • The value-added consumer advocacy process for end-customers due to accurate cost prediction, provider’s analytics and other data-enriched functionality for the most cost-effective care in their network.
  • Empowered the client to deliver innovation on time and within budget due to meticulous decision-making support with solution architecture design and implementation.
  • Accelerated time-to-market for the new app introductions, increased customer engagement and ability to monetize the telehealth solution due to end-to-end quality management services.

Technologies & Tools

Android SDK, Google Play Services, REST API, ProGuard, JSON, Google Maps, Location Services, Google Cloud Messaging, iOS SDK, Core Location, Apple Push Notification Service, CocoaPods, Node.js

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