Success stories

Success stories

The ultimate urge to drive our clients’ success comes from understanding that this is our success as well. A combination of versatile expertise, abundant experience, and the right motivation finds reflection in the stories we are more than proud to share.


Pharma and Life Sciences

Financial Services and Banking

a360inc: Delivering platforms

a360inc partnered with Avenga to design a platform for legal case management in the residential mortgage industry. The system’s goal was to challenge the existing market leaders and become a new industry standard.

HUNT: Integrated Cloud Solution

Avenga’s team developed an integrated cloud solution hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services) that provides efficiency across the client’s loan and lien business processes.


Trōv: AI-Powered Fraud Detection

Our client aimed at automatic identification of fraud activities and preventing fraud-related losses and damages before claims are paid, and before fraud activities could do any harm to their system. The client also want…

Trōv: Advanced BI Solution

The client needed a BI and reporting solution for making faster insurance-related decisions while monitoring organization growth and sharing statistics with the appropriate management groups and partners.

HDI: Complex Insurance Products Digitalization

Since 2016, Avenga has helped HDI to make contracting complex insurance products uncomplicated for business customers. As part of the “Firmen Digital” project, we have completely digitized the finalization process fo…



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