Dugout FC

Avenga helps Dugout FC capitalize on its celebrated fantasy football app.

About Dugout FC

Dugout FC helps hardcore football fans unite. It offers a thrilling, immersive fantasy football experience which players can enjoy both on web and mobile.


Headquartered in London, a football fan’s mecca, Dugout FC gives those passionate about the game a chance to “participate” in the English Premier League as managers. It provides a draft-based fantasy football platform allowing each user to hand-pick a unique team, by shortlisting favorite players prior to the agreed upon “draft nights”, and then go head to head against fellow managers in weekly matchups or monthly leagues.

Football fans are free to create their own leagues, which they can invite friends into, or join public ones to compete with thousands of fellow “managers” already in app’s network.

Dugout FC has grown famous fast. It’s delighted users with an advanced, Opta-powered scoring system, a live chat, player taunts, real-time points updates, and, overall, with its efforts to fundamentally mirror real life football.

Now, the company has decided to up the ante, to spice the game up for the fans and, at the same time, to capitalize on its app’s advanced features. Dugout FC crew have come up with an elaborate monetization strategy and hired Avenga, a renowned software development vendor, to have their ideas implemented diligently.


To bring Dugout FC’s ideas to life, Avenga’s team did the following:

  • Created an in-game currency and a Dugout FC store which facilitated an utter customization of each football “manager’s” experience.
  • Developed a head-to-head betting feature to the platform and enabled league- and match-up based cash games.
  • Established an integration with Firebase thus enhancing drastically the app’s in-game chat system.
  • Built a semi-automated KYC sequence for simple user identification which allowed Dugout FC to apply for UK pools gambling license.
  • Made sure that the gambling system is both easy to navigate through for clients and simple to manage for Dugout FC admins.
  • Integrated the application with one of world’s leading payment providers Adyen – the firm famous for handling transactions for Uber, Netflix, Spotify and other tech giants.

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