Migration from Legacy Tech to Fuel Business Productivity

Business Productivity

Migration from
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Solution engineering


.NET, C#, React


SharePoint is a global technology company with a local presence in over 100 countries that provides integrated solutions across Electrification, Process Automation, Motion, and Robotics & Discrete Automation business areas that energize the transformation of society and industries towards a more productive and sustainable future.

Avenga’s team helped the client maximize their digital transformation efforts by moving them from their legacy solutions to SharePoint capabilities in order to drive value and innovation for their customers.


A technology leader with a 130-year-old history of working with manufacturing, utilities, infrastructure and transportation, our client is driving the transformation of industries towards a more sustainable future and focuses on delivering new services and solutions that match their customers’ needs.

They needed an experienced and committed technology partner to support them with the migration and modernization of their dated solutions in order to enable new products, services, revenue streams and scalability to deliver more value to their customers. Their solutions critically lacked scalability and proper performance leading to poor business productivity and user experiences.

Among the technical challenges, the client faced the need to modernize their:

  • legacy IT landscape that was composed of classic network drives and a Lotus Note-based email;
  • complex multi-farm scenario, including SharePoint Online and on-premise.


Migration scripts

Development of tailored migration scripts so as to move content from legacy systems to SharePoint with proper tooling.


Design & implementation of custom policies based on content governance best practices in order to keep the optimal performance, searchability and security.


Implementation of federated and hybrid scenarios that allow them to mix on-premise legacy SharePoint farms and SharePoint online, as a Content Services platform.

Authentication providers

Implementation of custom authentication providers that allow the integration of the SharePoint environments with ADFS, supporting the NTLM authentication scenarios.

Provisioning service

Custom provisioning service, which is a customized workflow for the self-service creation of new sites and groups.


Advanced, comprehensive web and mobile applications that now, as Telemedicine is on its way to becoming a primary means of care in the time of the pandemic, are being used by solo-practices, leading pharma companies, enterprise-level hospitals, and large medical groups.

Unique functionality that goes far beyond digitizing patients’ visits and covers crucial workflows before and after appointments; Klara’s unique tool helps healthcare organizations modernize the way they connect with and monitor patients and thus enhance the quality of care they deliver.

The simplicity of design, usability, and high-level of security this HIPAA-compliant platform offers has made it one of the leading solutions in digital health. Currently, hundreds of medical teams across the U.S. use it to communicate with tens of thousands of their patients and about 2,5m of messages are being sent through the platform every month.

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