Financial Services Growth: Legacy System Modernization vs. Future Tech

The 21st century is already over by 20%. Congratulations to those who survived because many legacy businesses didn’t. It’s not that the future suddenly appeared before us, but COVID-19 has certainly sped up a shift to digital and the trend is developing. Legacy system modernization in financial services has been necessitated for a few years now under pressure from new FinTech together with established tech giants, but 2020 stressed why it’s time to accelerate system upgrades. Regardless of whether a business was born in the digital era or is now catching up to it, none remain unaffected by the new elements of digital transformation in financial services.

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Pharmaceutical Industry in 2021: Top 11 Pharma Trends

The Pharmaceutical Industry is facing a new realia and seeking for new ways to engage and enroll patients, use real-word-evidence, employ digital marketing, telehealth services and all possible innovative solutions.

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Kafka for a more connected digital world

Take a closer look at Apache Kafka, the most popular stream processing software in the world. Explore its pros and cons and how fast, reliable communication between microservices and legacy apps impact digital business their production environments. We will explore its pros and cons and its future development.

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