Data Validation Testing

Learn about data validation testing techniques and approaches to help you ensure the data you deal with is correct and complete. In this article we’ll take a look at the types of database validation testing and how they ensure the front-end of your system has been represented correctly corresponding to the input. In addition, we’ll discover how data validation testing help validate application design specifications and the overall system performance.

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Get 100% Code Coverage for Salesforce Custom Metadata Based Decisions

Salesforce platform features and Custom Metadata for strategic decisions with implementation. This article provides an example about which obstacle can be found while writing unit tests for code which uses Custom Metadata for strategy-like decision implementation and how to overcome them.

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Is the hybrid cloud here to stay forever?

Today we analyze the current state of the public cloud and the inevitability of a hybrid cloud. We will dive deeper into WHYs of slow public cloud adoption, as well as some pros and cons of the hybrid cloud. Is business digital transformation a derivative of a crafted cloud embracement strategy? Take a look

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Web apps – all the things you don’t have to do on your own. Part 1: Non-functional requirements

We start the series of articles highlighting how a modern SaaS solution for web apps can help you focus on the business side of applications leaving you fully confident that the key aspect requirements are being taken care of. Meet Wao.ia, a comprehensive product by Avenga, a platform that automatically enhances the speed and security of your existing and future web solutions.
This is the first part which reminds us about non-functional requirements and what are the pitfalls of using open source to make the solution really capable and fully functional.

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Migrate from Aura to Lightning Web Components to Increase Performance

Salesforce platform is one of the leaders in providing extra choices for developers and rich functionality for users. Today, we are diving deeper into some technical peculiarities of Salesforce development in order to highlight that every piece of code is about customer experience in the end, and learning extra valuable features results in the best appropriate development option for customers.

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Corona interim stocktaking: How companies are benefiting from current developments

“The future is not what it used to be” – Closing our eyes to this fact jeopardizes the sustainability of organizations. On the other hand, this is exactly the time to set the course for future success. In his Corona interim report, Avenga CEO Jan Webering explains what changes are coming, their implications, and what decision-makers should be doing now in order to emerge from the crisis with their companies stronger than ever before.

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How to Choose the Right Salesforce Partner for Your Company

When a big strategic ambition to make the most out of the Salesforce platform meets the reality, there are many aspects to consider. Valid experience, decent skills with a system and tools, constant engagement through the processes help actualize the massive Salesforce potential. That is why many organizations opt for an implementation partner: a reliable vendor with necessary experts on board, capable of timely delivery. We gathered the most critical aspects of how to get it right when choosing the partner to build a successful foundation for future endeavours.

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What happened to NoOps?

NoOps – an automation revolution and a great promise for freeing development and operations to focus on higher-level work. What is the real value of an innovative approach for business? Is it about the long-awaited costs optimization, moving from legacy to using more cloud-ready solutions, diminishing human resources hurdles? We took a look at the past, present and the future of NoOps – an alternative to DevOps to help all the businesses to transform digitally even faster.

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To change or to pretend a change – that is the question

We are reasoning about factors standing behind the opportunity for digital transformation. What are the ways to modernize legacy systems? What journey to take when responding to new customer expectations? Is it the time to redesign legacy applications to bridge the gap between the present business offerings and market demands? Or is shifting towards innovation and relinquishing the outdated heritage the best option?

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