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Finance CRM software development

Avenga is your trusted partner for building CRM solutions that empower financial services to outrun, outperform, and outclass your competition.

What we do best

  • CRM software built by Avenga’s engineering teams have helped organizations to minimize customer churn rates, while managing compliance with the legal restrictions and regulations specific to the financial industry. It has maximized client’s revenue, made the user experience better for their customers and they have a better understanding of customer profiles. These are the goals we share with our clients and we use advanced CRM technologies to achieve them.

  • Enterprise CRM solutions engineered by Avenga’s development team can help your organization to go beyond your customers’ expectations and deliver to them the best-in-class services for an exceptional customer experience.

Your reliable finance CRM development partner

  • Salesforce CRM software development, implemented by Avenga, paves the way for a systematic approach to enriched customer relationship management across the finance domain.

    Our company offers all the tools and instruments you need to customize a CRM software for any device, be it web or mobile, according to the specific needs of the financial industry. Streamline your processes and smooth out your business operations and services with tailor-made CRM-solutions for your financial firm.

  • Avenga has 20 years of experience in delivering enterprise-scale CRM software development with a focus on the financial services industry throughout banking, capital markets, and insurance.

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Why CRM software for the financial industry?

  • Financial businesses all over the world have to stay abreast of clients’ needs by optimizing their internal processes and overall financial operation’s efficiency. A well-built CRM system is an investment in digital technology that guarantees to generate a significant return on an investment.

  • Custom-built and seamlessly implemented CRM solutions, uniquely configured for the financial industry, allow your financial organization to:

    • Optimize its business operations without impacting performance.
    • Retain highly-valued customers and maximize profitability.
    • Accelerate overall service productivity within an opportunity cycle.
    • Simplify your business workflows.

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CRM solutions for finance development

  • Implementing a CRM within the financial industry creates valuable time to build an effective strategy in this highly competitive market and it improves customer satisfaction rates. CRM solutions solve the most aching issues for a financial services company, such as comprehensive customer review, analytics of internal operations, and security and privacy.

    As a Salesforce consulting partner, Avenga will support you as you grasp and implement the most valuable features of the world’s leading CRM platform.

  • We can adapt Salesforce CRM with a focus on your particular business requirements, while utilizing its out-of-the-box capabilities, such as:

    • 24/7 (shared cloud)
    • Authentication
    • User management
    • Security and Permissions (the ORG)
    • List management
    • Performance management
    • Team collaboration
    • Mobile ready (Lightning)
    • Dashboards
    • Reporting

CRM services and components to reinforce your business

  • A professionally implemented CRM system allows financial organizations to successfully make use of its abundant functionality to:

    • Make fast tactical decisions
    • Increase operational efficiency
    • Provide customer-centric services
    • Cut on overall spendings

  • Avenga has substantial experience in Salesforce CRM solutions development and implementation, while introducing the needed combination of technology and processes to achieve revolutionary results.

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Banking CRM solutions

  • CRM software offers specifically for financial services, full visibility on the complete scope of interactions, both in the back and front offices.

    End-to-end CRM solutions for the banking industry embrace corporate investment, retail banks, and financial institutions with all the needed tools to oversee end-to-end customer journeys and provide a satisfying customer experience.

  • CRM for financial businesses can manage the entire development and operational cycle that includes:

    • Managing a consolidated customer database
    • Omnichannel internal and service-customer collaboration
    • Business process management

They have a record for developing cutting-edge software with minimal guidance. There’s no web issue that their disciplined team can’t resolve immediately. They have the perfect amount of commitment, producing effective deliverables at a rapid pace.

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Insurance CRM solutions

  • CRM solutions for insurance institutions can be distinctively leveraged to develop and unify customer experiences that outrank the competition.

    A CRM system can also be an invaluable tool to integrating and synchronizing service offerings in order to:

    • Offer abundant visibility and collaboration via integrated access to customer information.
    • Resolve сlaims effectively by prudently handling business processes, workflows, and service request views, all with sensible prioritization.
    • Enable real-time client-insurer interactions, via simple to use channels, including web and mobile.

Wealth management CRM solutions

  • CRM platforms for wealth management assist financial institutions to embrace a client-driven business model and to align with present-day market demands.

    Wealth management services can achieve a new level of quality and excellence through a holistic view of customers, as well as the value they bring to the business.

  • A tailor-made CRM can provide your organization with:

    • An all-encompassing matrix of workflows to speed up business processes and optimize services, such as customer onboarding or lead management.
    • Integration of data sourced from third party applications and collaboration with clients to present and exchange ideas.
    • Real-time macro/micro views for gaining crystal-clear and consistent analytics for further strategic decision-making.
    • Automation of most tiresome processes and improvement of general operational productivity.

CRM solutions by Avenga

  • Implementing a CRM platform within your core software enables financial service businesses like banking, insurance, and wealth management to make good use of all of its valid internal and external data. This not only helps to manage an exhaustive view of the customer’s needs and market requirements, but also takes customer experience to a new level.

  • CRM for the financial industry offers pivotal outcomes and can impact your short and long term strategies.

    Avenga will make it possible for you to develop new ways of reaching the market by revolutionizing your business into a dynamic customer-centric enterprise with a best-in-class CRM solution. What is more, we can guide and train your team, enlarge your closure rates and revenues, and improve customer retention while enhancing overall business productivity.

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    CRM solutions in healthcare ensure a flawless experience across the whole customer care lifecycle, starting from the very first contact to subscription, along with sales and marketing, registration, health care delivery, and customer retention.

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