Seven questions to our People Operations Manager, Magda

Seven questions
to People
Manager, Magda

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Avenga is not just IT Specialists. We also have people who make sure that the entire system works well and is as ‘user-friendly’ as possible. One such person is Magda, our People Operations Manager responsible for our IT Professionals engaged in our clients’ projects. A couple of days ago, we asked her to give us some insight on the ins and outs of her job.

When did your relationship with Avenga (formerly IT Kontrakt) begin?

I became part of Avenga on 1 August 2018. I joined the team with only two years of experience, which I gained… in the logistics industry.

What position did you start with?

I started as a Support Operational Specialist but due to the fact that the Cracow branch was rather small, my job involved also some administrative duties, carried out typically by an Office Assistant.

What are the responsibilities of a People Operations Manager?

My job is to make Avenga the best place to work for. I coordinate the activities of local Support Operational Specialists and their collaboration with Employer Branding and HR departments. I help in making sure that all Avenga departments are familiar with the ideas or needs of our Specialists. They, in turn, should know what is expected of them and what we can provide them with. Working with and for people — is what gives me a lot of satisfaction.

Seven questions to Magda

How does Avenga take care of IT Professionals?

We try to make them feel that they are in the best hands there are. Each of our Specialists is served by a dedicated duo of support experts — a Support Operations Specialist and a Key Account Manager. It is the Support Operational Specialists who support our Specialists in their day-to-day tasks and responsibilities on a daily basis. Onboarding, contract renewals, benefits, or reporting equipment failures is what they usually deal with.

What is your role in the onboarding process?

Our all-Poland onboarding meetings for IT Professionals started actually when I became a People Operations Manager. Hundreds of people dispersed among dozens of projects carried out for many different clients get evidence that they form a single organism with Avenga. That we are one body, one system, so to speak. These meetings are organized to provide our Specialists with information about our official communication channels, billing, reporting leaves and time-off, benefits, and charity initiatives — speaking in a big nutshell, of course! Such meetings are also an occasion for our Specialists to meet “new joiners” from the most remote parts of Poland.

And after the onboarding…

…we still keep in touch. We make sure that our Specialists feel comfortable working with us and are well taken care of all the time. Eager beavers are welcome to take part in our internal projects (e.g. Centers of Excellence, webinars, training programs, blogging, own projects), and those who are more into the peace of mind are relieved as much as possible so that they can focus on what they like to do most. Everyone is different. That’s why we’re all about building close, individual relationships with the people we work with. And it pays off. Judging by the findings of our internal surveys and the conversations with our Specialists, the atmosphere and communication at Avenga are both rated highly.

So we know a little about your work. What about your free time?

I like to spend my free time in silence or accompanied by good music. Netflix, a good book, and a cup of warm coffee or tea help me achieve my inner peace. I paint from time to time too — and even though I’m not a Leonardo da Vinci, it’s my own way of meditating. I love traveling, good food, and things that have a story, and a soul. I also have an adorable American Staffy named Felek, who takes most of my free time. We go for walks, exercise, and learn obedience (yes, I do learn too!)

He’s the apple of my eye — and my most loyal friend!

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