Break the status quo: Mateusz’s remarkable approach to work and personal growth

Break the status
quo: Mateusz's
approach to
work and
personal growth

Mateusz Zenon Łępicki Co-leader of the Data Competence Center at Avenga

In our dynamic world full of intriguing challenges and endless possibilities, striking the perfect balance between work and personal interests often seems complicated. Mateusz Zenon Łępicki, Senior .NET Software Engineer and Co-leader of the Data Competence Center at Avenga, can serve as inspiration in this case, as he has found the perfect balance between following his professional pursuits and dedicating time to his hobbies.

Mateusz has been working in Avenga for over eight years, invaluably contributing his expertise and experience to the company’s success. His ability to naturally combine work and passion for sports is fascinating. He is a versatile personality whose interests span obstacle course racing, gaming, reading books, motorcycling, and drawing.

Mateusz Data Competency Center co-leader

A day in the life: how Mateusz balances work and his hobbies

A typical day in Mateusz’s working life begins with a stand-up meeting to discuss progress and upcoming tasks. Being involved in multiple client projects, he intensely collaborates with his teammates to ensure the projects he is involved in are successful.

Beyond his client work, Mateusz takes on the Data Competency Center co-leader role, driving initiatives to enhance AI visibility within Avenga. He tackles challenges every day and disrupts the status quo whenever possible: “I’m a person who hates the status quo in any form, so whenever I can see it, I definitely shake it up. If a process is being done “because that’s the way it’s always been done,” it will be broken down fairly quickly into smaller steps, analyzed, optimized, and then presented with all the background information so that everyone can understand why something is now done a different way.”

In his leisure time, Mateusz is focused on living a healthy lifestyle: “After a long day of work, I gear up for a workout keeping in mind the importance of proper nutrition and hydration. Then, according to my instructor’s workout plan, I exercise either in the gym or go running or cycling outside. At home, I take the time to relax and prepare for the upcoming day. During the weekends, I engage in longer runs and dedicate time to various home projects. Recently, I constructed an entire terrace safety cage for my cats. Also, I enjoy long-distance motorcycle trips.” 

Leveraging data – in sports and at work

According to Mateusz, experience and data play a pivotal role in programming as well as in programming. “Drawing on my experience in development and data analysis, I realize that the value of data is paramount. Just as in sport, smart employment of data can lead to substantial optimization and improvement.” — Mateusz says.

Nowadays, technology and AI are everywhere, and sport is not an exception. Mateusz’s passion for engineering has influenced his approach to training and competition. Just as he emphasizes the significance of data in his work, he welcomes tools like Suunto and Strava, employing AI algorithms to analyze training metrics and customize his training plan. Also, he uses the AI-based app Komoot to select the best track.

Mateusz a day in the life

Pushing the boundaries: Mateusz’s inspiring story of persistence

The challenges Mateusz faces in his work, and his passion for obstacle course racing have helped him discover his true limits and reveal genuine persistence. “For me, participating in challenging runs, even in extreme conditions, has always been a great opportunity to discover my limits. Literally, I’ve even gone beyond them once after a long mountain trip, landing in the emergency department due to sheer exhaustion. Despite my genetics, which are not particularly suited for this type of sport, I’ve learned to overcome obstacles through various techniques and approaches. This taught me the value of iterative learning and brought an understanding that each competition offers valuable lessons for improvement through exploring alternative approaches. Additionally, these experiences helped me realize that it’s impossible to excel in all areas, but it’s essential to focus on my strengths while enjoying different things just for fun.”

When it comes to the challenges he encounters in his work, Mateusz adds: “I’m mostly challenging myself a lot in my work. I feel responsible for what I do and have a local and global vision of some sorts of things. So I often pursue some of my ideas and solutions, and now I know I’m pretty persistent there.”

challenging task

Break the status quo: Mateusz’s motto for continuous improvement

Mateusz’s inspiring motto: “Question everything and break the status quo!” sums it up perfectly. It encapsulates his unwavering dedication to continuous improvement and his ceaseless pursuit of new horizons. His drive to challenge himself sets him apart as a professional and an individual who fearlessly forges new paths.

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