Navigating the сareer path to becoming a Project Success Manager

the career path
to becoming a
Project Success

Navigating the сareer path to becoming a project success manager

Grzegorz’s path, stemming from his passion for computer programming, has taken him through various languages and roles, culminating in his versatile expertise as both a full-stack developer and a Project Success Manager at Avenga. His story illustrates the remarkable success that can be reaped when both the company and the professional thrive together.

An early passion for programming

“From the very onset of my educational journey, my enthusiasm for the exact sciences far outweighed my interest in the humanities. Swiftly, I found myself captivated by computers and the programming languages available at the time. My journey began with the playful exploration of BASIC, and during the era of personal computers, I delved deep into the intriguing world of Turbo Pascal. It was a time when access to knowledge was limited, with no Internet available in our country and a scarcity of professional literature in smaller towns,” – recalls Grzegorz.

His academic path took him deep into the world of C/C++ and Java programming. Yet, it was during his college years that fate stepped in, and he stumbled upon a job as a Java programmer: “For many years, I worked on various types of projects, all of which were consistently implemented in Java.”

Career journey with Avenga: A decade of growth

Nearly a decade ago, Grzegorz embarked on a new chapter by joining Avenga. Looking back on that turning point, he shares: “I joined Avenga almost 10 years ago. Here, I also had the opportunity to discover my strengths in non-technical topics. As a consequence, I became a team leader and later jumped into the role of Project Success Manager. Today, alongside honing my non-technical competencies, I continue to embrace technical challenges as a full-stack developer — a role encompassing project design, backend and frontend development, automated testing, environment deployment, and lifecycle monitoring.”

We also asked Grzegorz what he values the most about his journey at Avenga, to which he responded: “At Avenga, I deeply appreciate that my opinions carry weight, and I actively contribute to shaping our technology choices and the direction of our development efforts. The diverse array of tasks and engaging challenges at Avenga ensures that monotony is avoided and a positive work experience is maintained. No matter what happens, I can always count on my teammates at Avenga. It doesn’t matter if it’s a technical problem or you need help with other tasks, you can always rely on them. These amazing people are Avenga’s great strength.”

Challenges and triumphs: milestones in Grzegorz’s career

Over the span of his career, Grzegorz achieved impressive results, with one particular accomplishment standing out – his fruitful work on a loyalty sector project into which he poured most of his time, energy, and passion: “During my many years of work at Avenga, I devoted most of my time, energy, and heart to one project from the loyalty sector. Apart from the project’s business logic, the greatest success and challenge was convincing the project owners and then implementing and delivering a Multitenancy Application. This innovation revolutionized the project, allowing each tenant to tailor their own business processes to suit their needs, streamlining operations and enhancing flexibility.”

Growth and specialization: The evolution of IT industry

We also discussed with Grzegorz the trends he has observed in the IT field over the years. Here, he shares his insights on the evolution of the software development industry: “During my long adventure in the industry, what takes center stage is the intensive development of every part of the software development process. Over this time, so many new positions were created that no one had even thought about. Each field is developing very quickly, and it’s hardly possible to have expert knowledge in all of them. On the other hand, specializing in only one field can shorten your career growth trajectory and cause burnout over time. When working at Avenga, I appreciate that I can balance it: have diverse contacts and try my hand at all areas, but also count on experts in a given field who are very willing to help and share knowledge.”

Grzegorz Fus’s career journey at Avenga is a remarkable example of how dedication and a thirst for knowledge can lead to a fulfilling and successful career in the ever-evolving world of technology. His story serves as an inspiration to all aspiring developers and professionals seeking to excel in the dynamic field of software development. Grzegorz continues to thrive at Avenga, playing his part in shaping the company’s future and making invaluable contributions to the industry.

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