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Markus Meyer

Markus is a true Avenga veteran. After completing his internship with us in the early 2000s, he returned in 2006 and has been an integral part of our team ever since. As Competence Director Quality Management, Markus and his colleagues ensure that our software solutions meet our high standards and function flawlessly. The Quality Management team also conducts independent tests of our customers’ products.

Markus’ resume is anything but a straight line. He began his career with an apprenticeship as an energy electronics technician at a large corporation. At the time, he even received a medal for his achievements. And actually, this job perfectly combined his interests in technology and craftsmanship. But a rainy autumn day was to ensure that Markus threw it all away. “At that time, I was standing in a construction pit and water was running into my boots. An excavator had destroyed the cable I had laid the day before. There was no electricity and the data line was also down,” Markus recounts. “So there I was with wet feet in the nasty drizzle, asking myself, ‘What am I actually doing here?'” A degree in computer science followed, and then a permanent position at Avenga soon after.

Initially, Markus worked as a software developer for us. However, he quickly became interested in the area of Quality Assurance. And here, too, his passion for tinkering and his pragmatic approach stood him in good stead. In order to test our products on various devices, laptops, cell phones and smartphones were piled up on the desks of all the testers. It was easy to forget a charging cable when we had to go to our Berlin office or back home. The solution? A test suitcase! After a visit to the hardware store, Markus quickly put it together from a toolbox, a power socket and a few cables. This way, nothing could get lost, and Markus had long been known for always traveling with a silver suitcase full of electronics – even under the skeptical gaze of customs officials at the airport.

Markus is now responsible for our “Quality Management” competence area, which he founded himself, and leads a team of quality managers and quality engineers. He has a wide range of responsibilities: He always has an open ear for his team, ensures that Quality Management is involved in projects and provides operational support for one or two projects himself. “Our customers come from all kinds of industries. That’s what makes the work at Avenga so diverse and varied. ‘Schema F’ doesn’t exist with us,” Markus tells us about his job. For him, Avenga has become a home port where he feels in good hands and gets enough freedom for his personality and interests.

Markus is also interested in a wide variety of things in his free time: from LARP to playing guitar to caring for animals, he does it all. We at Avenga are quite a colorful bunch!

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