Seven questions to our Software Architect, Cem

Seven questions to
Software Architect,

Migrate from Aura

Cem Derin (Software Architect, Cologne Office), written by Bea Kowol.

He started working for us in the middle of Corona times and is now with us for more than a good year. We can’t think of a life without our humorous and competent software architect Cem Derin. Therefore it is time for a short interview – seven questions to our Avengar Cem.

Dear Cem, software architects and developers are in great demand – What was the determining factor that made you choose Avenga?

I was already contacted by Avenga. At the time I had no ambitions to change my job, but as the time came to take a new Chance I remembered the nice and understanding conversation we had and contacted them again. The open, honest and friendly manner carried on the entire application process. Everything seemed clearly structured and well thought out. Critical questions were answered confidently and honestly. All of this gave the impression that has continued since my first day at Avenga: The culture in which all Avengas live is one of the main arguments for me. The fact that Avenga is technically up to date is certainly an added bonus for me – it may also be a pro Argument for some others. By the way: My application process still went through Sevenval, only the contract had Avenga on top ???? .

Can you tell us something about your start and the remote-onboarding process?

Completely relaxed. The onboarding was very easily adaptable to a remote process. In my first two weeks, I got to know all departments and a whole range of colleagues. Everyone patiently explained everything to me about Avenga’s products, structure, customers & ways of working. Personally, I really liked the self-organized way of doing things, which is exactly how I imagine my working day to be. Everyone gave me the feeling of being welcome. There was absolutely no trace of trench warfare or competence wrangling – besides, this is still the case up to this day.

What are you currently working on?

Since the beginning, my main project has been the relaunch and subsequent support of several sites and the extranet of an insurance company. I have primarily worked on the frontend, dealing with the ever-growing demands on the infrastructure from a DevOps perspective. Partially I support the sales team with assessments and technical research, sit in on interviews as a technician, or sketch and implement solutions in smaller projects on my own. The nice thing about a hybrid role of technician and consultant is that you can get a taste of everything. That’s why I enjoy my job so much. It never gets boring.

Seven questions to Cem

What is your favorite way to communicate with your team in the remote office?

I usually go by the wishes and preferences of my team colleagues. I’m personally very good at communicating in writing – which is sometimes better and sometimes worse for others, but I have absolutely no problem making video calls or picking up the phone. The only thing I don’t like to use in the team is e-mail, but that’s how everyone else sees it. E-mails are actually only used for interdepartmental, technical communication. For everything else, our Google Chat is optimal and well-used.

What is your favorite remote tool?

I don’t even know if I have a favorite tool. Overall it’s the interaction of all the tools that excites me. I’m a big fan of the Google Suite and especially during the pandemic a lot has changed, which makes it possible to work smoothly with each other. Video calls have become an integral part of everyday work and I’m very curious to see how this will be integrated into a hybrid (i.e. remote/office work) operation. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned in my year at Avenga: Any challenge can be overcome.

If you had the opportunity to travel in a time machine, where would you travel to? What would you do there? Would you come back?

I would tell my 16-year-old self not to start smoking, if necessary by force. A vice that I’ve been trying to get rid of for years. Of course, I’ll be back – can I keep the machine?

What is the most wonderful place you have been to?

Without a doubt Istanbul. This city breathes endless history, which can be discovered at every corner. The colorful hustle and bustle, the different cultures, the incredible panorama, everything have made a lasting impression on me. Unfortunately due to the political situation, it has not been possible for me to travel there for a long time, but I hope to go there again soon. You could also say that Istanbul shares the 1st of my favorite places with Hamburg. I’m not a ”Nordlicht”, but I have felt so close to Hamburg since my childhood that I keep thinking about moving my center of life there. Hamburg ❤️

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