Seven questions to our Design System Architect, Sebastian

Seven questions to
Design System

Avenga Labs Update

Sebastian Bohm (Design System Architect, Berlin Office), written by Sonja Felix.

What does a day in the life of a design system architect look like?

I started as a “typical” UX/UI designer and have been developing my skills focusing on design systems. As a Design System Architect, I ensure that websites do not descend into chaos and follow a systemic structure including a framework for setting up the website. In particular, this framework can be extended by specific components, if needed. For example, different fonts, colors, and icons are selected in advance to create the basement of a website aiming for a harmonious design and look. I am organizing my work with the help of lists, which is a lot of fun for me. Working “pixel perfect” is a big part of being a Design System Architect. I have developed in this role ever since and can use my strengths in an ideal way.

What is important to your work?

Many designers fit the stereotype of “creative chaos” but I’ve never been like that and have somewhat broken away from the typical designer cliché. Personally, I always work in a very structured manner, and I would recommend that to anyone, too. In the past, I have also come up against limits when working with people who did not work neatly. In my opinion, you do not have to take it as far as I do but it is important to have a certain structure and alignment so that others, for example in case of illness or absence, are able to work with your files and use your documentation.

Who do you work with?

I am the link between many different departments and am responsible to ensure a constant flow of information between them. Most of the time, I bring together all the necessary information for the project into one system. I prepare the documentation for the client and us including all elements and rules for the website and update the documentation subsequently.


Three things that motivate you at work?

Firstly, I motivate myself through teamwork both internally and with our clients. Secondly, new challenges also motivate me a lot. When I joined Avenga, I got the opportunity to work in the field of UX design, which I did not do before. I am learning a lot of new things, which I appreciate a lot. Thirdly, the job itself motivates me. Lucky me! I like to design and organize, and this job combines everything.

What superpower would you like to have?

I think I would choose teleportation as my superpower because it combines two essential aspects. I like to travel, and I am often put off by the long distance I have to travel. With this superpower, I could see much more of the world, and I would have more time in my everyday life because I wouldn’t lose time on the way to my preferred destination and back. The farthest I have traveled so far was Tasmania when I was in Australia. Eventually, I want to go to New Zealand, but I do not have enough time. Teleportation would make it much easier ????

What is the most interesting part of your job?

What I find interesting is the transformation from a rough idea at the beginning to the final result and seeing what has become of the initial idea. It is great to end up clicking through the final website and enjoying the cool features we have developed to offer people a better user experience.

Cooking or takeout?

I really can’t decide which one to pick. I like both, especially when it comes to food from other countries, which I often order for takeaway. Peter Paul is my favorite restaurant in Berlin, where they serve German tapas. You get a lot of different foods to try, the people there are super nice, and the restaurant is nicely decorated. The concept actually works out particularly well for me, as it is usually difficult for me to decide what to order.

But I also have to mention that I’m cooking more and more myself – thanks to the Thermomix I bought last year. Some love it and others hate it. But with this kitchen device, I dare to try out new dishes and cuisines at home.

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