Avenga’s response to the war on Ukraine: Business Continuity and Humanitarian Aid

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Let's get green

We understand and accept our responsibility towards the community and the planet.

Sustainability with Avenga

Avenga Sustainability means contributing to the global economy by giving people opportunities to work, learn, grow and change the world for the better. We are guided by the goals of sustainable development as defined by the United Nations (UN).

Program highlights

Our top goals for 2021

NGOs support

Pro bono websites for non-profit organizations.

Safe and healthy workplace

Remote work policy, reduced working mode in 21 Avenga offices, health & safety policy throughout all our offices.

Planting greenery

Contribute to environmental initiatives and volunteering projects that support tree planting.

United Nations Global Compact membership

Join UN Global Compact initiative to implement universal
sustainability principles and goals.

Sustainability report

Annual Avenga Sustainability report with completed and ongoing projects highlighted.

Blood donation support

Develop a mobile app for blood donations centers in Europe

Avenga 2021 Corporate Sustainability Report

Explore why 2021 has become a year of significant changes for Avenga as a sustainable company. Learn how we performed in every strategic field, including Environmental Sustainability, Social Responsibility, Transparent Governance, and Responsible Growth. As we are working hard to become even more sustainable in 2022, the 2021’s report is here to read and serve as a benchmark for us to grow in the future.