Let's get green

We understand and accept our responsibility towards the community and the planet.

Sustainability with Avenga

Avenga Sustainability means contributing to the global economy by giving people opportunities to work, learn, grow and change the world for the better. We are guided by the goals of sustainable development as defined by the United Nations (UN).

  • Environment

    We care about the Earth and take actions to preserve it for future generations.

  • Social responsibility

    We give back to society through caring for our people and communities.

  • Transparent governance

    We embody our values through transparent policies and defined procedures.

  • Projects

    Driven by the commitment and enthusiasm of our people, we initiate and support social sustainability projects.


Our top goals for 2020

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Fly 15% less

Upgraded travel policies.
Conferencing system instead of face-to-face.

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Fly CO2 neutral

Plan to compensate for CO2 emissions for all 2020 flights.

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One day to give back

A paid working day granted to volunteer in the community.

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Measure and analyze

Sustainability impact measured for further improvement.

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Sustainability report

Avenga sustainability report will be released yearly.

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Avenga green office behavior

Green behaviour practices throughout 19 global offices.

Program highlights

How to fly CO2 neutral in 2020

We will buy out all the CO2 emissions for our flights in 2020 by planting trees. To take it one step further, we will buy out twice the amount we have calculated in order to also cover our employees’ vacation travels.


How to cut business flights by 15%

We are replacing most of the face-to-faces with innovative video conferencing across our international offices and using a Green Travel Policy company-wide.


Serving the community

We are widening our engagement into the community to further involve our employees, partners and clients in philanthropic commitments. Our people will be granted 1 additional paid working day a year to contribute their time to community engagements, that totals 11,670 hours of community service a year.