How to fly CO2 neutral

How to fly
CO2 neutral

Avenga believes that business is an integral part of any community or nation. It means that business operations have a direct impact on communities and countries. Therefore, leaving a positive footprint is one of Avenga’s key goals. Pursuing environmental sustainability is a direct path toward reaching the goal mentioned above.

2021 was the year of moving from words to actions. We started implementing our plan of joining the local green incentives, which helps us collect the best eco-friendly practices worldwide, fuse and crystallize them into the company’s unified sustainability policy.

Climate crisis. CO2 neutrality

Becoming CO2 neutral is a crucial counterattack on the climate crisis that Avenga focuses its efforts on. In 2021, a three-step action plan was devised:

1. Establish an efficient remote working environment

The new working trends caused by COVID-19 have become a new normal. While the fight against the pandemic is critical, we also tend to find ourselves opportunistic regarding our sustainability endeavors. Every Avenga employee working from home is supported and provided with all the hardware, office supplies, and furniture to establish an efficient working space at home. Helping people work remotely reduces emissions, paper waste, and energy consumption.

2. Cut a percentage of business flights

In 2021, Avenga issued its corporate Green Travel Behavioral plan. It sets a tangible goal of reducing the number of business flights by 15%. However, to maintain the effectiveness of business trips, the company looks for alternative means of transportation like trains, hybrid, and shared vehicles.

3. Propagate CO2 emission compensation

Avenga has developed a strategic plan of compensating for CO2 emissions resulting from its scheduled 2022 flights. One of the main compensation arteries will be the company’s investment in the afforestation projects with CO2-sequestration of the trees.

Plant for the planet

2021 has seen Avenga marching on with its wellestablished tradition of helping our planet “breathe.” As a result of Avenga and the Plant-for-the-Planet initiative joining forces, more than two thousand trees have been planted worldwide.


It is a global movement empowering young people and organisations to restore forest ecosystems and fight for climate justice. To do so, we educate young people, restore ecosystems, conduct restoration research, provide free software tools and restoration advice for organizations around the world.

In 2022, we plan on increasing the numbers of the trees planted, while simultaneously docking down our CO2 footprint.

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