Avenga CARES initiatives in Poland 2023

Avenga CARES
in Poland 2023

We’re after 12 months of a range of different projects with the participation and involvement of many of our Avengas in Poland. We’re happy to be closer to the current needs of our local communities through the Avenga CARES project.

The past year at Avenga was a bit like a relay race. We passed the volunteering baton from city to city, supporting company-wide projects in the meantime — and we made them as local as possible.

Find out about all initiatives in our video!

Here’s a video where we cover the projects and initiatives that took place within the framework of Avenga CARES in Poland in 2023.

We’re glad that what we do as part of the Avenga CARES project opens more and more hearts and raises awareness of global issues — in a local, tangible way.

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