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In a heartening collaboration between Avenga and the Hryshko National Botanical Garden in Kyiv, a charitable donation has breathed new life into the greenhouse complex, ensuring the preservation of Ukraine’s National Treasure – a diverse collection of 4,000 tropical and subtropical plants.

The Hryshko National Botanical Garden is a key research institution contributing to biodiversity conservation, greening, and botanical design. As part of Ukraine's natural reserve fund, the garden holds lands of natural and historical-cultural significance, safeguarded as a national heritage. With diverse living plant collections, it ranks among Europe's largest botanical gardens, comprising eight scientific departments and an impressive collection fund of approximately 11,180 taxa.

Cultivating warmth for the greenhouse: A joint project

As part of the initiative named “Heating for greenhouses,” Avenga’s charitable contribution, in collaboration with the Peli Can Live charity foundation, supported the renovation of the botanical garden’s greenhouse complex. This project not only safeguarded the invaluable plant collection but also provided Avengas with a unique and enriching experience.

Exploring the green oasis: Avenga’s guided tour

In appreciation of Avenga’s support, our team was invited to a guided tour around the lush botanical haven. Our colleagues immersed themselves in the vibrant world of cacti, orchids, azaleas, palms, and various tropical plants growing in the garden’s open greenhouses. The visit extended to the conservatories, where primary plant collections are meticulously cultivated and preserved.

Hands-on learning: Orchid and cacti repotting workshop

The highlight of the day was a hands-on workshop led by the garden’s botanist, focusing on the delicate art of repotting orchids and cacti. Avenga team members actively participated in the replanting process, gaining insights into plant care and acquiring valuable skills under the expert guidance of the botanical garden staff.

Avenga’s commitment to environmental sustainability, coupled with a dedication to employee enrichment, shines brightly in this collaborative effort with the Hryshko National Botanical Garden. Through charitable contributions and engaging experiences, Avenga demonstrates how corporate responsibility can seamlessly blend with employee well-being and community support.

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