What’s green Avenga office behavior?

What’s green
Avenga office

In all of its twenty one offices across the globe, Avenga pursues and promotes ‘Green Avenga Office Behavior.’ In essence, it is a set of pro-environmental awareness campaigns procedures translated into company-wide behaviors to minimize harm to the environment to the greatest extent possible.

The initiative includes a range of actions: proper waste management, plastic elimination, less printing, office supplies reuse, energy conservation, and going paperless.

Our German offices should be run with electricity from primarily renewable energy sources by the end of the year. We have already started this transformation by changing out some of the old providers for new certified ‘green’ ones.

Among ongoing and continuing objectives, Avenga focuses on:

  • Starting green behavior transformation by changing the company’s old patterns ensures the ubiquitous application of the certified “green behavior” incentives.
  • Promoting and helping Avenga’s teams bring Avenga Green Office Behavior into their homes, which includes creating eco-friendly culture beyond office spaces.

recycling in the office

Avenga’s sustainability aspirations for 2022 is to move even closer to having a zero waste office output, as more and more practices from the world’s best green projects are being implemented at Avenga offices worldwide.

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