Seven questions to our Software Developer, Stephan

Seven questions to
Software Developer,

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Get to know Stefan Schwartze (Software Developer, Berlin office), written by Katharina Schlüter

“I build superfast and beautiful web products for every device ” – this is what our software developer Stefan says about himself on his website. Now, if that doesn’t make you curious… So, no wonder we’re going to go and take a closer look here. Time for seven questions to our Avenga colleague:

Stefan, tell us, what path led you to Avenga?

It was my master’s degree! I had just arrived in Berlin and was looking for a working student job. On January 5, 2015, I started at Avenga. As I really liked it with each day more and more, I decided to write my master thesis in the FDX team and then wanted to join them. It’s been a year now and I’m still here. This is thanks to the super atmosphere; the people are great, and it’s fun working here.

Is there a typical working day at our company – and if so, what does it look like?

Firstly, I go for my emails, messenger and ticket platforms to get an overview. Then I end up in a daily meeting and we talk about what’s on the agenda for the day. Once that’s settled, I’ll head for the coffee machine. So, as a small reward and a quick stop off, I slurp my first cup of coffee. After that, I quickly deal with a couple of tickets. Right now, I’m the lead developer in two cool projects with Angular and TypeScript.

After the lunch break, I need a round of table football before I can continue with the tickets. Or I sit together with UX, we look at screens together, discuss what makes sense technically and UX-wise, and how we’ll implement it. I think it’s cool to be able to impact with my colleagues on how we approach the projects. Nothing is set in stone. On Friday@5 and, of course, on other occasions, a nice end to the working day with the team and a beer is all part of the day.

What is good code to you?

It is simple, clean and modular. At best, it’s written so well that no comments are needed.

If you hadn’t become a software developer, then …

…I might have become a kindergarten teacher. A long, long time ago, I did an internship in a kindergarten and I really enjoyed working with the kids. But then I found my way into computer science and tried out loads of things: network engineering, computer graphics, development for the web and native. It was important for me to be able to work with a lot of other people and exchange ideas. In the end, I decided that web was the coolest. That’s the future.

Where is your favorite corner in the Berlin Office?

Actually, I like being at my workplace, but when I want to do a power session, I move to our red chair – for some deep relaxation while coding. And apart from that, I love playing table football – it’s one of the highlights of the day, whether we’re two or four players.

Where do people meet you during your breaks?

On Fridays with colleagues at the Chili Chutney next to Markthalle Neun. They have Afghan dumplings, something I look forward to all week.

Cooking or ordering?

Neither nor, at least during the lunch break. I like to stretch my feet for a few minutes at lunchtime and enjoy a bit of fresh air in between. This is when I usually go out for lunch. In the evening, I cook at home. I need to eat warm

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