Seven questions to our Senior Lead Manager, Sebastian

Seven questions
to Senior
Lead Manager,

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Get to know Sebastian Matuszynski (Senior Lead Manager, Cologne office), written by Katharina Schlüter

Sebastian has been on board with Avenga since September 2014 and it’s not only our sales team who wouldn’t want to be without him anymore. Time for a short interview – time for seven questions to our Avenga colleague!

Sebastian, what’s the first thing you do when you come into the office in the morning?

Before I walk into my office, I take a look around to see: Who’s there? Who can I say hello to? So first a little small talk with the colleagues, especially from sales, then I go to my desk. And then, of course, computers on!

What makes lead management so exciting for you?

It is very investigative. In cold calling, you have a new, completely different contact every time. Nobody really likes cold calling. To be honest: I don’t really like being called either. This makes it all the more exciting for me to pick up the person on the other end of the line on a human level and to inspire them professionally.

Working at Avenga is like …

… productively hanging out with friends. The colleagues are really cool and this is what makes it special for me: The team. If we were given the task of gluing irons together in a factory in China – we’d still have our fun. This says it all, doesn’t it?

What ends up on your plate at team breakfast?

A bread roll with Nutella and one with scrambled eggs.

Seven questions to Manager Sebastian

What has helped you on the way to your current position?

Probably my duck factor. The duck may not be the best flyer, but it can fly. The duck may not be the best runner, but it can run. It may not be the best swimmer, but it can swim. Kind of like me. This generalist role helped me – and it got me to Avenga. Before this, I did almost everything: Creation, print, TV, online, conception, customer service … Then I saw the job ad as Lead Manager at Avenga. Honestly, at that time I thought that sales was going to be a transitional job for me. That was three years ago. Sales rocks! Who would have thought that … and I like it here so much – I can’t imagine changing at the moment.

What superpower would you like to have?

To be able to beam myself! And if I take someone by the hand, then of course, I can take them with me. The first thing I would do is beam myself to some tropical island with a luxury hotel. No, first to a bank vault and then to the island. Yes, first a safe, then an island!

TV or Netflix?

Netflix. I don’t have either. If I did, I’d go for Netflix.

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