Seven questions to our Office Manager, Katharina

Seven questions
to Office Manager,

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Get to know Katharina Weissenberger (Office Manager, Cologne office), written by Katharina Schlüter

As Office Manager, Katharina is responsible for the organization of our day-to-day office life and takes care of everything which is important for the smooth running of our daily business. Katharina has been with us since November 2010 . High time for a short interview – time for seven questions to our Avenga colleague!

Katharina, what are you working on right now?

I’m currently checking travel expense accounts. And the month-end closing is keeping me busy – just like various contracts that I’m renegotiating with our service providers. And then I have a few “Schöner wohnen” (Interiour Magazine) topics on the table regarding our meeting rooms and our new offices on the second floor.

What makes your daily business special?

That I do so many different things. I’m involved in topics from different departments which makes my job totally varied. Much of my work involves administration – from travel expenses to work equipment and mobile phone contracts. I also take care of organizing internal company events such as our Christmas party or our summer party. And then I deal with the things which accumulate in the background. I also work very closely, for example, with our accounting department.

What I also like is that I can organize my own tasks.. I don’t have such tight deadlines now as in the project business. Sure, there are deadlines, but I can structure my work independently to achieve results.

What does Avenga stand for?

The very different characters you meet here; we have a very relaxed atmosphere and are on first names. I think this is great! A lot is done for our employees – from fresh fruit and delicious coffee to internal events like our weekly team breakfast. I love the team breakfast. On the one hand, because I really like breakfast, and on the other, because you can chat with your colleagues in the morning in peace and quiet and not only talk about work, but also about private things.

Where is your favorite corner in the office?

Our kitchen! I like to take my lunch break there and I can talk spontaneously with colleagues who I don’t normally interact with during my work.

Your recommendation for a tasty lunch break outside the office?

I usually bring something to eat with me. If you’re willing to take a longer walk don’t just cross the street to the Cologne Central Station, you’ll definitely find a lot of variety in the area. There’s something for everyone.

And in private – what do you like to do most in your free time?

I do a lot of sports, but I also like being at home. I spend a lot of time pottering about my home and making it comfy – it relaxes me. In summer I love being outdoors in nature. And I love to travel – my last big destination was New York!

Money or love?

Love, of course. I would do anything for my family and the people who are really important to me.

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