Seven questions to our Quality Assurance Manager, Tilman

Seven questions to
Quality Assurance

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Get to know Tilman Beyland (Quality Assurance Manager, Cologne office), written by Katharina Schlüter

Tilman has been with Avenga as Quality Assurance Manager since May 2017 and has settled in very well in the front-enders’ territory. Time for a short interview – time for seven questions to our Avenga colleague!

What makes your everyday job special?

The variety! Here in QA, not only do we take care of internal developments like our FIT Technologie or the products, but also of customers’ projects. We test both web applications and apps and do usability reviews. The range is quite wide and I most probably haven’t seen everything since May.

Which tasks and topics totally absorb you?

Usability reviews, as this is where you can see exactly where something is improving. In usability or UI projects, consulting is the main focus and I enjoy directly communicating with contact persons on the customer side. It’s also interesting to accompany a product in the development phase from a QA perspective and advice on improvements even before the first version goes live.

What does your career path to becoming a Manager Quality Assurance look like?

My IT studies were definitely a good basis. After this, I spent several years in business development and project management, with short phases as a developer. I worked a lot in a corporate environment and in international teams and learned, for example, to remain calm in hectic moments.

Before I joined Avenga, I worked in an agency. QA was one topic among many, which I found interesting. I believe that quality assurance is being partly rediscovered and is taking on a more important role in projects. I find it really exciting that we at Avenga offer quality assurance as a separate service and not just as an integrated service for developments.

Seven questions to Tilman

What do you particularly like about Avenga?

That you can sit together casually on a sofa. That we have a proper kitchen with a long table. That the office doors are always open. And that the company is child-friendly. I have two children – so this is important to me as a dad.

For the first three months on the job, I commuted from Frankfurt. Now we have an apartment in Cologne which I’m currently renovating. So, I’m officially now a one-week-old Cologne resident. This feels good and I can safely say that I‘ve arrived in Cologne and at Avenga.

What’s on your plate on Tuesdays at the Avenga breakfast?

Mostly a roll with cheese and a large glass of orange juice. The freshly scrambled eggs are always in great demand and I’m usually too late for them.

What book did you read last?

“If the River was Whiskey” by T.C. Boyle. I like this book, though I can’t put my finger on why. I like how the author writes, but it’s hard to describe. What I like is that the stories don’t always have the expected course and the characters are bizarre without seeming unrealistic. Go on, read the book yourself!

Radio or Spotify?

Radio, definitely. It’s so old-fashioned and simple. I just press a button and off it goes.

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