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Christian Graebener (Teamlead UX/UI Design, Cologne office), written by Sonja Felix.

One dog, three cats, and 6 years at Avenga. Christian works in our Cologne Office as a Teamlead for the UX/UI unit. He is passionate about crafting, has an untidy desk, and tells us what good design means to him. Here comes the newest edition of “7 questions to…”.

Why do you like to work at Avenga?

I have been with the company for 6 years now and I “still” enjoy working here. What Sevenval used to do and Avenga is doing now is working on projects that add value to customers which I find totally exciting.

What convinced me most about Avenga are the constantly challenging projects and tasks. On top of that, I have the freedom to help shape a company and make decisions. As a team leader, I am also responsible for maintaining team spirit. This is even more important at the moment because of Corona.

What is a good design for you?

I don’t have THE answer to that. But what interests me the most is the question of how one develops a product that really satisfies the customer in the long term. Good design is if you are able to positively surprise the customer when they don’t expect it. So if you manage to develop a product that the customer doesn’t even think can exist, you did a great job.

What are you passionate about?

It’s actually pretty simple: Supporting people. That makes me really happy. Especially in my role as a team lead. I enjoy learning new things as well. I like to try out everything and that’s exactly what I do it at work, too. It always really excites me to face new challenges.

I am also “passionate about” making mistakes, otherwise, I would be afraid of trying out something new. You can only evolve if you make mistakes and make progress afterward.

Graebener, Christian

What are you reading right now?

I’m not much of a reader at all, especially not novels, at most on vacation when I have a lot of time. If I had to choose I would rather pick non-fiction books. I have a book lying around on the subject of Modern Leading. But mostly I listen to podcasts on crafting or watch videos on Youtube on the subject to get new inspiration for the next project.

Three things that motivate you at work?

  • Teamwork
  • Adding value to the project
  • Help to shape things

Which website do you visit the most?

The honest unspectacular answer is Gmail. I do also enjoy where I read the latest blog posts on certain topics. And besides work I catch myself hanging out on Youtube very often. I love to watch DIY Videos.

Tidy desk or creative chaos?

I always aim for the tidy desk, but it ends up in creative chaos.

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