Microsoft SharePoint intranet

Your Microsoft SharePoint intranet

Elevate your organization’s performance culture with a SharePoint-based intranet, seamlessly integrated into the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. Adopt a custom-designed intranet to transform your company for the better. Let every team member embrace a unified digital environment that spearheads workflows and fosters innovation.

Extended SharePoint intranet advantages

Universal accessibility

Your company’s SharePoint intranet will be accessible through a Progressive Web Application (PWA), ensuring seamless usage for employees across laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Its responsive design dynamically adjusts to the device being utilized, enhancing accessibility, user support and experience.

Seamless integration

Microsoft 365 development environment allows for a seamless integration with SharePoint intranet, allowing employees to efficiently manage tasks from a centralized interface. Furthermore, SharePoint intranet easily integrates with external solutions like Google and Jira via accessible APIs, ensuring comprehensive business functionality.

Precision in reach

Content on a corporate intranet can be created for different groups of employees within Microsoft teams and in multiple languages. The SharePoint intranet site acts as a dynamic, interactive web center where content is organized and selected based on individual user profiles.

Lightning-fast performance

The client-side intranet content loads in less than one second. The intranet offered by Avenga features the best performance among solutions available on the market thanks to the innovative query grouping mechanism, an intelligent cache system, and stable security updates.

Ultimate flexibility framework

Each function and component of the intranet can be adapted to the needs of the organization and changed according to the organization’s situation with the new feedback system in place. This leads to improved productivity and better knowledge sharing throughout 2024 and the years to come.

Improved search platform

The search engine works in a simple and intuitive way with high speed. Advanced search support for documents, people and messages allows you to get to information in no time. Search engine module can be configured according to the organization’s needs.

Avenga — Microsoft Solutions Partner

Avenga is a Microsoft Solutions Partner in the areas of Data & AI and Digital and App Innovation, which confirms the quality of our work and the high level of our industry qualifications. Avenga's close cooperation with Microsoft and the many completed projects and designed solutions make us a valued SharePoint site technology partner.

How we can help with SharePoint development

We assist companies in embracing the future of seamless collaboration by installing, customizing, and regularly updating personalized MS 365 intranet systems.

SharePoint extension

Unlock the full capabilities of your SharePoint intranet with our expertise. We can augment your current features using SharePoint hub sites and web components. Leveraging our proficiency in SharePoint online development, we enhance functionality by integrating these elements, elevating your SharePoint environment. Avenga specializes in SharePoint portal development, transforming your platform into a robust hub for enhanced information see, collaboration, and document management within your organization.

SharePoint customization

Acquire your tailored intranet system, designed precisely to match your business needs. Choose between a customized Valo setup or a bespoke solution built from the ground up. As a top SharePoint development firm, we excel in crafting personalized SharePoint solutions, covering everything from design to deployment. Our expertise spans SharePoint framework development and app creation, ensuring seamless integration and maximum productivity. Rely on our SharePoint specialists to optimize your document management and collaboration capabilities, leveraging the full potential of SharePoint architecture.

SharePoint configuration

Maximize your first SharePoint license with Avenga. We’ll configure and customize your SharePoint pages to align precisely with your company’s requirements. As a SharePoint development firm, Avenga offers custom-tailored consulting services, ensuring your intranet seamlessly integrates into your workflow. Leveraging SharePoint workflows and the framework, we enhance productivity and collaboration within your team. Our approach prioritizes crafting bespoke solutions for your organization’s processes and business objectives with custom-tailored SharePoint components.

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SharePoint intranet solution accelerator: spearheading successful SharePoint strategy

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SharePoint framework extensions fostering collaboration


Manage your documents

With SharePoint's document management system, you can create, upload, store and share various types of files very easily. You can organize them by specific labels or tags and manage access to them, thus building a well-oiled mechanism that works for the benefit of the entire organization.


Share knowledge

Document and securely store best knowledge records and practices, conduct surveys and polls, share ideas and have valuable discussions in teams and in a larger forum. Build a knowledge base that will enable your organization to use the Microsoft 365 intranet as effectively as possible.


Enjoy personalized content

In the package, you get a rich set of customizable modules for your internal needs. You'll find news, blogs, videos, as well as new features for job tracking and additional resources your team may need, from HR request forms to technology documentation.


Execute projects

Share project information, assign tasks and monitor their completion using a personalized planner. With a consistent system of tasks, tools and materials needed to complete responsibilities, collaboration becomes more efficient than ever.

We will bring a new realm of workflow efficiency to your doorstep. Don’t close the door your competitors keep wide open.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The SharePoint intranet, a collaboration solution by Microsoft, provides users with a comprehensive toolkit for communication, project management, content organization, and employee administration. Ideal for mid-sized and large enterprises, it serves as an optimal choice for boosting team productivity, implementing automated collaboration processes, and nurturing corporate culture development.

For businesses with 20 or more employees, leveraging SharePoint Intranet yields significant benefits. This solution offers highly appealing features for seamless company-wide data and information sharing. It stands out as a top tool for enhancing team performance, efficiency, data integrity, and security.

SharePoint add-ins are devised to revolutionize modern business operations, as they enable you to establish an internal website for your organization that covers all of the teams' needs comprehensively while guaranteeing secure data storage, streamlined organization, and seamless omnichannel information access for all employees.

No, we provide more than that, as we offer custom SharePoint intranet solutions. Our specialists are capable of building SharePoint intranet tailored to your company's needs or refining an existing one. We ensure seamless integration of all necessary third-party solutions. Our Microsoft consulting and engineering are driven by your organization's business objectives, prioritizing alignment with your goals.


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