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Our partnership with the largest producer and retailer of tobacco and smoke-free products was a thrilling adventure from start to finish. As a company with a customer base of 150 million consumers spread across 180 markets, they work to build a new category of smoke-free products and stay committed to innovative digital transformation initiatives.

After business process analysis, we soon realized that the company’s workplace technology was not conducive to their growth and expansion plans. Avenga helped them create and implement new approaches to the corporate use of Microsoft SharePoint. Our team worked closely with the company to identify areas where SharePoint could be used to streamline workflows and improve resource allocation.


After an unsuccessful cooperation with a previous vendor, the client sought a reliable technology partner capable of quality delivery of the Microsoft products suite, starting from an unbiased tech assessment up to gradual re-architecture and actual implementation, as well as refinements to the existing system. And it needed to be done quickly. They faced major performance issues and latency in their current setup, which was holding back operational efficiency across the organization.

As the custom SharePoint system is used company-wide to run the entire intranet across 180 countries, its poor performance jeopardized their delivery of services around the globe, together with its internal services. Primarily, there was a strong need to stabilize their current environment, optimize it, and take full ownership of the SharePoint setup. Our team understood the urgency and complexity of the project and got to work immediately. We conducted an in-depth analysis of the company’s current system and identified key areas that required attention.



Avenga conducted an unbiased tech assessment that allowed us to identify the most suitable approach for the project. Our specialists shared their vision of a Microsoft 365 information architecture and Microsoft 365 migration roadmap to facilitate robust and flexible system capacities.


The next step was to stabilize the current environment. We achieved that goal in 6 months by addressing performance issues and latency problems. Avenga’s team took full ownership of the SharePoint setup with a fully managed service as a solution.


At the development stage, our experts migrated the legacy infrastructure of the dated VM (which was no longer supported by Microsoft) to a new series. This resulted in better performance, scalability, and resilience of the system.

Intranet solution

An intranet solution powered by a SharePoint on-premise implementation was redesigned to effectuate a more modern UX. In addition, backed services were optimized to reach greater performance with larger data sets. This strategy led to a more visually appealing and faster solution for different teams across the organization.


Currently, the company’s teams leverage SharePoint on-premise with rich customizations that address specific business needs and support modern collaboration experience.

Low-code development

Additionally, Avenga’s team was involved in low-code business solutions within Microsoft Power Platform, which emerged as a replacement for SharePoint on-premise workflows and InfoPath in the client’s organization.


Through partnership with Avenga, our client has solved some critical issues, like speed and quality of collaboration, scalability, data-based decisions across multiple business processes, optimization, and product innovation. Today, the company benefits from a custom, highly configurable system, which reaches a 99,9% uptime.

The system has data and performance integrity and server control that provides more sophisticated workflow functionality, a better digital employee experience, and more effective resource allocation. As the client continues to evolve and grow, our team remains committed to providing ongoing support and guidance, guaranteeing that the client’s digital infrastructure remains secure, reliable, and optimized for success.

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We built cooperation with the largest producer and retailer of tobacco and smoke-free products, electronic devices, and related products. As a market leader, the company is currently developing an innovative strategy to bring a future without cigarettes.

Our partner faced plenty of performance issues in their intranet solution that ran across 180 countries, with intranet main page loading exceeding 10 seconds. As a result, they sought a technology company with a solid Microsoft SharePoint background that could optimize the environment swiftly and efficiently.

Avenga conducted an initial audit of the solution and brought to the table various suggestions for its improvement. Our experts took full responsibility for the farm setup and achieved a downtime of fewer than ten minutes per month. After the initial stabilization of the environment, we are continually making adjustments to advance its performance.

Our partner firmed up their intranet solution and strengthened their collaboration experience. The enhanced collaboration experience facilitated a more connected workforce, improved knowledge-sharing, and faster decision-making. In addition to eliminating multiple performance issues, they acquired new opportunities to further digital employee experience and wisely allocate resources.


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