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Headquartered in Denmark, STYLEPIT is one of the fastest-growing e-commerce-certified businesses and runs online shipping worldwide to more than 20 countries. The following case shows how the Avenga team helped Stylepit use the full potential of the Salesforce ecosystem to provide exceptional customer experiences.


As global economies shift, the retail sector, and e-commerce in particular, are expected to do more for their customers than ever. With this in mind, our client honed in on actualizing the full potential of the Salesforce ecosystem to give their customers services they would love. While maintaining the Marketing Cloud suite, they faced the vendor’s lack of experience and inefficient processes, which led to inadequate cooperation results.

The project aimed to get the most out of the client’s Salesforce investment. Therefore, they needed to grasp a bigger picture of things to change the status quo of their current technology implementation. Moreover, they needed a trustworthy and expert partner that could solve their critical business problems.



An explicit audit of the existing solution, specific processes within a business unit, and the entire business unit/account was completed. It was comprised of a detailed analysis documenting the Salesforce Marketing Cloud setup and the proposed recommendations for improvements and system optimization.


Introduced Einstein Analytics into the process that allowed the building of a product prediction mechanism that suggests to the customers the most suitable products via email based on their previous preferences.


As a result, the client got a smoothly working system integrated into their website with all the Marketing Cloud capabilities. Our team made it possible for their marketing and sales teams to:

  • Accelerate operational activities due to the automated custom interactions in the Marketing Cloud between the website users.
  • Build complicated customer journeys, combining the client’s third-party systems that are triggered by customer behavior across marketing, sales, and service or the website through the API.
  • Analyze customer behavior, build preference profiles, and deliver the best content or product which matches the specific business rules as a result of implementing the Einstein Email and Web Recommendations.
  • Build the custom content block for faster and easier creation of sophisticated email content.
  • Analyze vital sales operational data and report it precisely due to effectual visual representations and dashboards.
  • Work with a reliable, compliant system due to a custom security configuration.

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