Why do these 8 popular resources use Python technology as their core one?

Why do these
8 popular
use Python
as their
core one?

popular resources use Python

Unraveling the popularity of Python: from Machine Learning to web development and beyond.

Python is a one-stop shop and relatively easy to learn, thus quite a popular programming language. What other reasons exist for such universal popularity of this programming language, and what companies have leveraged python libraries and its opportunities to the max?

Python technology is quite popular among programmers, but the practice shows that business owners are also Python development believers and for good reason. Software developers love it for its straightforward syntax and reputation as one of the easiest programming languages to learn. Business owners or CTOs appreciate that there’s a framework for pretty much anything – from web and mobile apps, to deep machine learning.

Moreover, it is not just about game development as a language but more a technology platform that has come together through a gigantic collaboration from thousands of individual professional developers, forming a natural language for a vast and peculiar community of aficionados.

So what is Python used for, and what tangible benefits does the language bring to python community and those who decide to use it? Below we are going to discover that.

Productivity and speed

It is a general theory within development circles that developing Python applications is approximately up to 10 times faster than developing the same application in Java or C/C++. The clean object-oriented design, enhanced process control capabilities, and strong integration and text processing capacities can explain the impressive benefit of time-saving. Moreover, its unit testing framework contributes substantially to its speed and productivity.

Python is popular for web apps

Web development shows no signs of slowing down, so rapid and productive web development technologies still prevail most popular programming languages within the market. Along with JavaScript and Ruby, Python, with its most popular web framework Django, has excellent support for building web apps and is instead the most popular programming language within the web development community.

Open-source and friendly community

The official website states that it is developed under an OSI-approved open-source license, making it freely usable and distributable. Additionally, the development is driven by the community, actively participating and organizing conferences, meet-ups, hackathons, etc., for general-purpose language fostering friendliness and knowledge-sharing in other languages.

Python is quick to learn

The python programming language is relatively simple, so you can get pretty quick results without wasting too much time on constant improvements and digging into the complex engineering insights of the technology. Even though Python programmers are in high demand these days, its friendliness and attractiveness only help increase the number of those eager to learn Python to master this programming language.

Python use cases

It is used for the broadest spectrum of activities and applications for nearly all possible industries. It ranges from simple automation tasks to gaming, web development, data science, and complex enterprise operating systems. These are the areas where this technology is still the king with no or little competence:

Machine learning

Python is a top choice for machine learning due to its extensive selection of libraries and frameworks that implement machine learning algorithms. Libraries such as Scikit-learn, TensorFlow, and PyTorch provide pre-written code for various machine learning tasks, from data preprocessing to training complex neural networks. This makes Python an efficient tool for developing machine and deep learning and models, reducing the time and effort required to implement these algorithms from scratch.

Web development

Python is widely used in web development, particularly for server-side or back-end development. Frameworks like Django and Flask allow developers to build robust and scalable web applications with less code and in less time. Python’s simplicity and readability make the code easier to maintain and update, which is crucial for web applications that adapt quickly to changing user needs or market conditions.

Cloud computing

Python is a popular language for cloud computing, which involves delivering computing services over the Internet. Python’s simplicity, scalability, and ease of integration with other technologies make it an excellent choice for developing cloud-based applications. Google, for instance, uses Python extensively in its cloud services. Python’s extensive library support, including libraries for interfacing with cloud platforms like AWS and Google Cloud, further enhances its utility in this domain.


Python is widely used for scripting, a programming method that automates repetitive tasks, streamlines workflows, and enhances efficiency. Python’s simple syntax and readability make it an ideal choice for scripting, enabling developers to write scripts quickly and with fewer errors. Scripts written in Python can automate various tasks, from web scraping to data analysis, making it a versatile tool for many industries.

Desktop GUI applications

Python is famous for developing desktop applications with a graphical user interface (GUI). Developers can create highly functional and user-friendly desktop applications with libraries like Tkinter, PyQt, or wxPython. Python’s simplicity and readability make it easier to maintain and update the codebase for these applications, which can be crucial for long-term projects. Examples of Python’s syntax-based desktop applications include BitTorrent, DropBox, and even Raspberry Pi’s user interface.

Speaking of python basics and its broad application, we have gathered a list of some popular brands that used Python technology to build their resources. By viewing this list, you can see why it has many followers and believers.

Top 8 companies using Python

In the world of technology, Python has emerged as a preferred choice for many leading organizations. From global tech giants to creative animation studios, let’s delve into how eight renowned entities have harnessed the power of Python to drive their core technologies.

1. Google

How Python Is Used At Google

As one of the leading technology companies globally, Google has significantly contributed to Python’s popularity. Google has invested heavily in Python, using it to build its core technologies. For instance, Google’s web crawler indexes websites for its search engine and is written in Python. This demonstrates Python’s ability to handle large-scale, complex tasks, making it a valuable tool for any technology-driven company.



The Johnson Space Center at NASA uses Python as the standard scripting language for its Integrated Planning System. This system is crucial for coordinating and managing operations, and using Python underscores the language’s reliability and efficiency. Python’s straightforward syntax and extensive library support make it an ideal choice for high-stakes environments.

3. Walt Disney Animation Studios

Walt Disney Animation Studios

Walt Disney Animation Studios (WDAS) has leveraged the Python programming, for over a decade. The language has been instrumental in various tasks, such as moving images and data in and out of sequences, navigating through scenes in a script after audio/video has been added, and interfacing with third-party tools for the visual effects community. This wide range of applications highlights Python’s versatility in the creative industry.

4. Philips


At Philips, python software foundation for the Semiconductor Line in Fishkill runs on Python. The business logic that drives the system’s components was written in the language. Generally speaking, the Philips development team has accumulated a lot of experience with Python code and believes that this technology choice was among the reasons that contributed to the project’s success.

5. Red Hat

 Red Hat Red Hat, a multinational software company known for its open-source software products, uses Python for its installer and configuration utilities. This shows Python’s strength in building tools python frameworks that manage and configure software products, further enhancing its value in the software industry.

6. National Weather ServiceNational Weather Service uses python

The National Weather Service has integrated Python into the latest build of its core computer system. This system is responsible for generating maps, conducting data analysis, writing forecasts, issuing warnings, and more. The use of Python in such a critical system underscores its reliability and efficiency in data-intensive tasks.

7. DropboxDropbox uses python

Dropbox, a popular file-hosting service, uses Python extensively. The Dropbox desktop client is entirely written in Python, highlighting the language’s cross-platform compatibility. Additionally, much of Dropbox’s server-side code is written in Python, making it the predominant language used at the company.

8. WordStreamWordStream uses Python as their platform

WordStream, a provider of keyword management solutions for optimizing Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts, uses Python as its platform. The company believes that choosing Python has provided them with a strategic and technological advantage over competitors, further emphasizing the Python language’s effectiveness in the digital marketing industry.

As we have seen, Python’s versatility, reliability, and efficiency have made it a go-to language for diverse industries. Whether it’s managing complex operations at NASA or powering digital marketing solutions at WordStream, Python continues to prove its worth as a robust and adaptable programming language.

Wrapping up

Python is a programming language with a very long and rich history, and despite being completely free, it is, for sure, in, let’s say, the top 10 is not top 5 programming languages to be one of popular programming languages with the greatest demands. Because of its use for educational purposes, many libraries are created and related to divergent domains like maths, physics, natural science, etc. Being comparatively simple syntax and readable, it closely resembles the English language. Plus, it is a very well-documented language, so all these facts make us believe that the language is worth considering when looking for the core technologies for the next project.

Find out more about successful projects made with Python and how it can apply to your business. Contact us, and our top Python developers and experts will share their insights on handling the most complex Python-related projects.

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