Logging exceptions in Salesforce

Сustomized Salesforce code boosts the capabilities and flexibility of the Salesforce org. But, at times, custom code is also tricky to use. Our expert on possible solutions for running a background job every few minutes.

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Serverless computing – why don’t we? Promise vs reality

The promises of serverless, versus its current adoption rate make us think of the reasons for the slower adoption rate and what bottlenecks should cloud services providers remove to make it more widely used and faster.

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Tapping into AR. The Reality and Business Value

Augmented Reality (AR) is changing the shape of nearly every industry, be it healthcare or design, tourism or education. Facts summary and its impact it’s been making on the business world. What is actually real today?

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Data Validation Testing

Data validation testing techniques and approaches to help you ensure the data you deal with is correct and complete. Data validation testing for application design specifications and the overall system performance.

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Is the hybrid cloud here to stay forever?

Let’s analyze the current state of the public cloud and the inevitability of a hybrid cloud. We dive deeper into WHYs of slow public cloud adoption, as well as some pros and cons of the hybrid cloud.

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Corona interim stocktaking: How companies are benefiting from current developments

“The future is not what it used to be” – Closing our eyes to this fact jeopardizes the sustainability of organizations. On the other hand, this is exactly the time to set the course for future success. In his Corona interim report, Avenga CEO Jan Webering explains what changes are coming, their implications, and what decision-makers should be doing now in order to emerge from the crisis with their companies stronger than ever before.

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